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Yes, today IS a big day….For many reasons. Most of them small – but all added together make for a big day.
Daylight Savings you may be thinking??..….Um….No. Daylight savings doesn’t mean shit for someone with a baby. They don’t wake up and see the clock and think “Oh f&*% yea! I’ve got another hour”. Children think…”Bwah hahhhaa….They THINK they have another hour…little do they know.”
We started the day at 7:15, technically 6:15….Coffee and cartoons. We decided to go ahead and shower and shave early and get a head start….
Headed off to Target for some crap furniture and sweatshirts for the spawn. All intentions good – however, we ALWAYS walk out with about 12 things more than what we went for.
Mom was on the short end of the stick on this one today. I got a blanket for the couch. Don’t get me wrong – it’s warm and it’s far better than using her little itty bitty blankets to wrap around me…but it’s about all I got.
We spent the larger portion of the day after our Target trip hanging out on the couch (with my new blanket) watching PLANET EARTH DVD’s. Ok…If you don’t know what I’m talking about…You have got to check them out…ESPECIALLY if you have a high def dvd player (which we don’t) but you could just TELL by watching it.....”Man, this would be so freakin’ cool in high def”
You can check it out here…I really recommend it if you enjoy : nature/animals/biology/bugs/weather/etc…..
We spent some time outside on the new swing set – which is just a joy to see her so happy.
Dinner, quiet time, bath and off to bed…which brings us to the biggest part of the day.
Tonight is the night that The Amazing Race starts.
Yes, as stated before, I AM a TV whore. …however, this is a bit different.
Most reality tv is just crap. With the exception of Survivor and MAYBE a few others…What you end up seeing more times than not is the total shit asshat that people can be in difficult situations...Or of course those total flakes looking for some reality show to give them fame and fortune....(read Johnny Fairplay).
Personally, I think that TAR (the amazing race) is “different”. Yes, you are going to get the occasional jerk off who yells at his wife for 12 weeks in a row….or the former model who is looking to cash in again…But for the most part – they really are NORMAL people.
I’ve thought about this before…If given the chance would I do HALF of the reality shows out there? Hell no….I would somehow end up looking like a total bitch on national tv. I would THINK about doing Survivor…just because I’m such a fan – but the truth is – I can’t/won’t eat bugs.
HONESTLY – if given the chance to travel the WORLD on someone else's dime…and maybe, just MAYBE, if you get there first you can have a million dollars.
I think that’s freaking cool.
Not to mention that I don’t have the cash to travel the world on my own. I would be okay with CBS footing the bill.
The big catch? Find someone you can travel with – and isn’t going to irritate the shit out of you from the get go.
My older sister and I have talked about this for years. I REALLY think we could do it. There are strengths and weaknesses that we both have – which we would be able to work off of each other.
So, yea – I’m a big fan. I typed this whole post while waiting for freakin’ 60 minutes to end, so the show will start (Sundays prime time television is always screwed up because of football).
If you’ve never watched it – give it a try. (it’s started)
Looks like we’ve got some interesting racers this year: Pink Hair and Goth Couple (weird), Father and Daughter, Grandson and Grandad, Attractive Couple, Attractive Couple….HOLY SHIT – Lesbian Married Ministers!!!!!, Brother and Sister, Attractive Couple.
Ok - I’m off.
Let me know what ya’ll think…