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There are only 41 days left until Christmas, however after the buying, wrapping, assorted 'some assembly required' and shipping, there is realistically only about, say 34 days of shopping left. That being said - I am a huge 'online' shopper. Some people may argue that it makes the 'joy of giving' a little more cold - maybe a bit 'you don't really care about what you are giving'.....I think that's crap. Just because I don't get in my car, drive to the mall, wander aimlessly, stand in line, and end up leaving with only one gift for someone - but 10 things for myself.....does not make me delight less in the gifts I get for my loved ones.

I would much rather think that by shopping online I am a far more enjoyable person to be with. I have more time to decorate my home, spend time with loved ones, sit in front of my fire with my family and enjoy a mug of eggnog - with all the time I've saved by NOT going out to shop. Not to mention that by shopping online, I typically already have an idea of what I'm getting someone. I am not wandering stores blindly thinking that something will jump out at me and scream "Brooke Would Love Me - Buy Me Today"

Truthfully - there are very few things that I don't have delivered to the house. Clothes are pretty easy to come by if you know your size, groceries are easily delivered by Giant to my front door step, and for the array of other items that we may need there is buy.com. If I could find/and or trust someone to ship it to me - we could probably have beer and cigarettes delivered as well (that's where Giant draws the line).

So, while doing some pre-Christmas shopping this weekend, I came across an interesting website. You ever gone to a site you know, click on a link, and then another - and the next thing you know you are somewhere you've never been before - but have actually found a little golden nugget of the cyber world? Well, I wouldn't exactly call this golden by any stretch of the imagination, but I do think they've carved a little niche for themselves.

Before I share it with you - I would like to explain the type of person I am - and why I think this website is ingenious. I am the type of person who is embarrassed easily. Not at the stupid things that I say, or by tripping in front of a room full of people - but just by 'normal' things. For example: I can't buy condoms. Never have been able to. Now, I'm a married woman - with a child -pretty obvious that my husband and I have enjoyed each other....at least once, right? Nope. Can't do it. My face will turn red - and I am convinced that every person at CVS is staring at me like I'm a whore.

In my 33 years I have bought them ONCE. About a year or so ago I was making a grocery list and I asked him if there was anything else we needed. He responded, "we need laundry detergent, some eggs, and condoms". I gently explained to him that it was more likely that I would bring him home a soap making machine and some live chickens....before I bought condoms. However, while at the store I managed to grab the closet box of Trojans I could find and throw them in the basket. At checkout I cleverly disguised them between the tissue paper and hot dogs.

I was most proud of myself for my accomplishment that day. I never need to buy them again.

OK - so my point!!


Makes you think that it's all
"PRIVATE" stuff, right? Like the stuff that they sell in the shady stores with discreet black plastic bags for your items, and blacked out window? Nope - it's stuff that you might be embarrassed to buy at the store.

Granted you can still get the other "stuff" there....Which I guess for some people is cool too.

I'm sure there is someone in the world that while walking through their local CVS has thought - "Damn, I really wish I could get my enemas, lice treatment, Rogain and vibrators all at the same place."

CVS and Walgreens.com still sell all those "normal" embarressing things that one may need to purchase - - - but that leaves all those people out who need breast enhancers, a 'Nurse Feelgood' costume, or edible lubricant....They might as well save on shipping.