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Michael Keaton trying to explain to his 5 year old son why it's time to get rid of his nasty shredded 'woobie', is one of the greatest scenes in the classic "Mr. Mom".

Thankfully we have never really had any sort of attachment issues in our house. She's never been too particular about one doll/blanket over the other. As a matter of fact- she was never much of a pacifier or thumb sucker as well. She's a equal opportunity player...Each toy/blanket/or woobie'esqe type of item all gets their fair share of time.

However, something has happened recently that...well...I find odd. I'm not concerned about it by any means...but it's just....I don't know...weird.

Once we moved her into her new big girl room and big girl bed - she decided that she wanted to be able to have her books in her bed with her. I thought that was fine. I, of course, told myself that my child is so brilliant that she chooses to read a bit before she falls asleep.

Then one evening the March 28 1994 edition of Time Magazine was what HAD to be in bed with her. I'm not kidding - she held on to like it was a baby. Personally - if I woke up in the middle of the night and had THIS staring back at me - I would flip out. But days and weeks went by and it never seemed to scare her. So, that's fine....whatever helps her sleep. Can't imagine a magazine in her bed can HURT her, can it?

Well....The Day of the Tiger is over. We've moved on. The remains of the old Tiger cover now lay bleeding with torn pages shoved under the bed.

Our new obsession: She MUST know that Christmas is coming.

Early this morning, at about 3:00 am, came shrieking cries from her bedroom. I shuffle my way down to find out what's going on. Simple fix. She can't find her magazine. I'm not kidding - I handed her catalog back to her and she was asleep in seconds. Lillian Vernon tucked snuggly underneath her arm and cheek.

I don't think she's seen the new Toys R Us catalog yet.


Brooke said...

Maybe it's genetic... You know Hayley had several cans of stewed tomatoes that were her "lovies" for a long time. They are still in her room now, and she's TEN.