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I had the chance today to break away from the confines of parenthood for a short period of time to see how how other folk live on a Sunday afternoon.

A Sunday afternoon being - very simply - game day.

I now have a theory. A theory about our world, our society, our politics and religion.

Make everyone watch football and drink beer - - and make all of our world leaders make the big decisions on game day.

Yes, granted you are always going to come across the asshole guy who lives and breathes by the winning and losing of the Cleveland Browns...(sorry dude...but you HAD to know that you were going to be the brunt of someones joke today), but generally speaking most people are EXTREMELY passionate about their specific team WHILE the game is going on, and then after a few minutes of bitching and moaning - they get over it and just continue to drink beer with the dude they just met from Minnesota.

When I walked into this particular bar today I knew exactly 2 people. When I left, I knew 47. I will be the first to admit that the majority of them were wearing the same colored shirt that I was, so therefore easy to pick out kindred spirits...but a good part of them wearing the colors of the devil. (that would be any opposing team of mine).

When I walked out shortly after the end of my most victorious game (although a bit too close for comfort), I had hugged and/or shook hands with a good portion of people that just three hours earlier had been cursing the day I was born, the horse that I rode in on, the mother that bore me, the state in which I was cheering for, the car I drove, plagues on any pets I may own in the future, and generally hoping that I burn in hell for all of eternity.

I think in general people are very passionate about those things that they love and/or hate...be it football or politics. Give our country leaders a case of beer and a big screen tv and let them work out our most pressing issues at the time ... Yes, they will scream and bitch during - but nine times out of ten, someone WILL win, and the loser, while although irritated - knows they've lost and is okay with it....

Until next week.

Yes, I realize in the real world this probably won't work.

All I'm saying is this.....Half of the people in that bar today hated the other half. By the end of the day - everyone loved everyone.

Except for that asshat from Cleveland.