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Every two years my husband gets a new phone. I guess, it's one of those deals with the cell phone people...keeps you sucked into their service and their service plan. Trade in your barely used cell phone, get a flashy new one, this one has DIFFERENT BUTTONS! this one is SMALLER! This one will annoy your wife MORE THAN THE LAST ONE! Oh, and sign this two year service plan before you take it home!

So, his two years is up, and he ordered his new phone. Which is fine. But in all honesty, he's talking to me about it like I actually care. Honey! The BUTTONS! The RINGTONES! This one will make coffee for me! While he's going on and on about his new phone that's coming, my only question was, "You didn't spend any money did you?"


He continues to talk about his new buttons. I casually mentioned that I wanted an iPhone. It was at this point in the conversation that he became dead to me.

First I got an eye roll so fierce that I'm surprised his corneas didn't come out his butt. Then I got an explanation of service plans and data plans and fiscal responsibility. Then he asked WHY I wanted an iPhone.

"Simple. I can't TwitPic with my phone."
"You can't WHAT?"
"Sigh. And you say you understand computers. I can't TWITPIC. I can't take a picture with my phone and upload directly to Twitter. I have to take the picture, EMAIL to myself, then go to my email, THEN upload, THEN go to Twitpic. At that point, it's not funny anymore. But I can't do any of that because I don't have a data plan on my phone. So technically technology is holding me back. I would be a lot funnier with less steps."
"You mean funnier to all of the 15 people that are following you on Twitter"

Shortly after that I twittered that he was an asshole and that I was going to kill him with all of the headless lego people that are in the house...and then I realized that out of the 15 people that are, in fact, following me on Twitter....He isn't one of them. So, I ended up just looking like a crazy woman, threatening to kill her husband with headless lego people.

Just for the record. He's still alive. But he still isn't following me on Twitter. A good husband would follow her wife on Twitter...and support her cell phone choices. Right?


-B said...

Damn straight, girl!

just making my way said...

Right! I actually do like my phone - but it is pretty much internet-non-grata. Just good for calls and texts. Talk about technology holding me back!

Badass Geek said...

You can't TwitPic? It should give you the option to e-mail pictures (via txt message) directly from your phone. My basic crappy older phone did that just fine.

But an iPhone would be cooler.

Mad Woman said...

You ARE the better spouse!! Fancy giving you a hard time about your followers and needing to TwitPic. He clearly doesn't understand. *sigh*

Aunt Becky said...

You totally win at life.

Anonymous said...

Love it!!
(my blackberry freezes up when I try to upload pictures directly to twitpic)