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Me: You know we have to sit down and talk about this soon, right?
Him: sigh.......Yea, I know.
Me: We're running out of time. If you keep avoiding me, I'm just going to do what want to do.
Him: You can't make those decisions unilaterally dear. This is a family decision.
Me: I understand that. But we are running out of time. I've provided you with all of the information.....
Him: I just need more time....

It's the TIVO talk.Fall Season is almost upon us.I've printed out the Fall Lineup and we have to decide what shows are going to make the cut and which shows aren't.May sound easy to you....Especially in those weird ass houses that don't have TV's....But in OUR house.....

It's a big deal.

Next to my child and my laptop....being able to pause TV and fast forward through commercials ranks up there with orgasms.

What are y'all watching this fall?  I've got a few slots open this year. I'm open for suggestions.


HeatherPride said...

Well, I plan to add Jay Leno's new show to my DVR. Other than that, I'm not overly excited about anything. Post your lineup when you figure it out, then I can be inspired!

Aunt Becky said...

Glee! Hooray for GLEE!

Also, I am the only person I know without a DVR.

KidSister said...

I haven't watched TV since last year... can't help you there!

minivan soapbox said...

@Heather - I'm iffy on Jay Leno...And my new line up is sure to come soon!
@Becky - I caught the pilot for Glee...and I'm pretty excited about this...and what dork doesn't have a DVR?
@Kid - People who don't watch TV are Lizard People. Something is wrong with you.

SmartAssMom said...

My husband apparently made the decision unilaterally. Because? When I looked at the upcoming recordings there was clearly a lot of work put into scheduling it just right.

He claims he isn't as organized as me, but this schedule took genius to accomplish. WTF is with Thursdays? Can they fit any more good shows on Thursdays? Spread it out, people!

just making my way said...

Gah! I just realized I missed the damn premier of Glee! Which I really wanted to watch.

I haven't been able to commit to any TV other then Top Chef and Project Runway - although I missed PR this week. Plus now football is starting and that takes up a bunch of my time.

kyslp said...

I totally get you on this. I spend more time with my DVR than with my husband. We got my oldest his own because he was filling ours up with Discovery Channel shows.

New shows: Glee, Vampire Diaries, and Community. Anxiously awaiting the return of Californication and Big Love. The rest of my shows are the usual suspects.