So Tuesday was the first day of school. She's actually been going to the same school for quite some time, but she transitioned from "Junior Kindergarten" to REAL kindergarten...Which essentially meant she moved from one floor to the next. And now she has to wear a uniform. She thinks it's cool...for now. I imagine when the novelty wears off she'll be annoyed. I think it's awesome...Because now my husband can dress her for school without making her look like a boob.

I think one of the draw backs of being a working mom is that my kid is pretty much in school year round - so waking up for her first day of Kindergarten, while although exciting, wasn't THAT exciting. She hasn't missed any of her friends, she isn't experiencing anything TOO new, because she just saw it all last Friday. So, at dinner last night when I'm asking her about ALL THE EXCITING THINGS THAT HAPPENED! OH THE WONDERS OF KINDERGARTEN...She was all, yea, I saw all these kids last week Mom.

Here's the other thing. My daughter is in private school. It's a decision we made for a multitude of reasons - one of them being that the public schools in our area are not full day programs. So, I was still going to have pay for child care before/after school...or quit my job. We decided to keep her in private school for another year, and then evaluate again next year and see where we are. Private kindergarten is a hell of a lot more expensive than private Pre-K, and this next year is going to be really tight for us (nice timing with paying the car off, huh?)

This is where I'm going to piss some people off.

Out of ALL the kids in her class, I am one of TWO working moms. Some of them have two kids in this school....and they still had them come during the summer. I didn't think stay home mom's/dad's did that? I mean, if you don't work outside the home (and don't get me wrong I KNOW you work..I was a SAHM for the first two years) but don't the kids get the summer off, and then when you finally get them out you get that big sigh of relief when it's quiet again?

Look, don't get me wrong, it's just plain jealously - and I know that. But where do these folks get this money to pay for private school year round and not work? When I drop off, I'm always in my work slacks, etc...and they are in their yoga pants with a Starbucks in hand. All the moms stand outside the room and chit chat for a while - which I can't do - because I have to haul ass to get to work on time.

I know....I'm a big whiny baby today. They don't take naps in Kindergarten....and she's taking it out on me...So I'm taking it out on you.

Tomorrow I'm going to yell at all of you because of all the traffic. And the rain.


SmartAssMom said...

I know. I totally should have married for money. I'm not sure what I was thinking with this whole love thing.

I want to linger with a cup of coffee.

Hell, I'd settle for the coffee with no lingering.

Skye said...

I think there's a rule that if you don't complain, you can be kicked off the internet.

Mad Woman said...

I get it. I've been a SAHM and a working mom and they both suck in different ways. But having been on both sides, I could never understand the SAHMs who still sent their kids to daycare. Like really? I am CRAVING time with my kids, but you're sending them away when you're home?

I get that there's appointments to go to and so on..but geez.

Now I have the best of both worlds....and I still have things to complain about :-)

booshy said...


Don't even get me started.

mumma boo said...

My theory is that their demon spawn are so hellish that the only way they can deal with them is to send them to school full-time. And they have to turn tricks to pay the tuition. ;)

(Why, yes, I am a bitch today. Thanks for asking!) :)

just making my way said...

If I was a SAHM we would be even poorer then we already are because I would be going to Target every day. I have a lot of respect (and annoying envy) for those that can do it and maintain their sanity.

What I'm saying is - I hear ya.

HeatherPride said...

Ugh, I wish I had the same work hours that I used to - now that I'm babysitting I've extended my "work day" by 2 1/2 hours, and then I keep on going until I get my two into bed. Yeah, I'd rather do this than "work", but that jealousy goes both ways!!

Liza said...

I don't have kids...yet, and if I did right now, I'd be a working mom. And I always thought I'd WANT to be a working mom. But, I gotta say, as my husband starts to make more money and I get to work from home more often, I'd be okay being the Starbucks-and-yoga-pants lady.

kyslp said...

I've worked and stayed home. They are both hard - in different ways. Now I work part-time and that is awesome.

As for people getting upset, it's your blog and you can bitch if you want to.