Tuesday is my regular bill paying day. A good portion of those bills are automatically deducted - as I imagine a lot of people do these days - so I just double check on line to make sure every thing is as it should be. The other portion of bills are written out and mailed off. I gathered all my stuff together yesterday to settle down and start the process, and thought to check the mail box before I got started. Serious pain in the ass to get all the stuff done and put away, just to have a random bill come floating in a few hours later.

98% of the mail is total crap. A flyer here, a coupon for a retractable awning...Oh, flank steak is on sale. I'm about to throw everything away when a totally random blue envelope catches my eye - and even though I'm positive that it's crap - I open it up.

So, here is where you need to understand that I am ON TOP of my game, okay? I mean, I know when bills are deducted, how much, where they go and who they go to. I look over the credit card statement every month, even though it's not like THAT does me any good. I know down to the day when the cars will be paid off...Both of them next year (oh joyous year!)

So, the blue envelope. It's the title for my husbands car. Huh? What? I check I re-check. What the hell. I have another YEAR on this thing!! How could I be this off? Turns out I WAS that off. By a whole freakin' year. It was like finding a 20 dollar bill in my jeans...But having 10 pairs of jeans!!!

My husband comes home and kisses me and says "So, Happy Day! We own a piece of shit now!"

I'm quite certain just because of that statement all the wheels will fall off on his way home today.


Mad Woman said...

Hahahaha! Too funny! I'd love to know how you managed to be a whole year off...are you still partying like it's 2008?? But yay! One less bill every month right??

just making my way said...

Well, DAMN! That's not such a terrible mistake, is it?

Badass Geek said...

Nice! Hopefully Murphy's Law will not jump into action on this.

mumma boo said...

Now that is a sweet surprise! Shhh!! Don't let the car know you own its shiny butt. Once the car knows, all bets are off.

Skye said...