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Few months ago my husband and I were at the Town Festival, sitting with some friends, discussing the merits of the new Transformer movie. None of us had seen it yet, but he and I had plans to see it the next day, and were both looking forward to it. Apparently we had our own reasons of wanting to see it. I wanted to see it for the graphic details, fine acting, and non-stop action. He wanted to see it because of some hot chick that's in it.

And I'm totally kidding. Oh, not about the hot chick - about the fine acting. However, I did say that I would totally put Shia "on my list".

I hadn't really given it much thought until last night while watching Top Chef - a commercial for Diet Coke, featuring Tom Colicchio came on. I told my husband two things (after I rewound the commercial a few times).

1. It's about damn time someone put that man in a commercial
2. It's time I re-did my list.

March of '08 my list consisted of: The entire male cast of Lost, Oded Fehr, Viggo Mortensen, Matthew Perry and Johnny Virgil*.

I'm afraid some cuts are going to have to be made. It's tough, I know, and I'm sure that these guys will be crushed to not be included again...but maybe if they work hard, they can be included next year. It's a tough business boys - women worldwide are at the ready with their Sharpie Pens and laminating machines.

Shall we? In no particular order...

1. Shia LaBeouf - Thought this kid was adorable when the movie "Holes" came out...But I'm pretty sure it would have been illegal to put him on my list back then

2. Colin Ferguson - The actor from Eurkea...Not the Mass Murderer.

3. Hugh Jackman - I know, I know - Cliche. And I prefer mine a little less "Wolverine" and more "Australia".

4. Tom Colicchio - I've got a thing for bald men. Especially bald men that can cook.

5. Having a hard time filling my last slot. I could take the easy way and give it back to the cast of Lost - but that's probably cheating. So, this year it will go to Joshua Jackson - and I never even watched Dawson's Creek. Was his name really Pacey in that show??

Ok. Your turn.

*I need a separate list for blog writers....but I don't think my husband is going to go for another set of 5


Brakes and Gas said...

Pacey? Really? Hmmmm, I think you can do better. Maybe if he hotly pursued you and sent you extravagent gifts daily. :)

HeatherPride said...

You know? I'm just glad I'm not the only one around who has a thing for Tom. RAWR.

just making my way said...

Tom C is a total hottie. I definitely agree about that.

Hmmm. Who else? Do they have to be actors? Cause Tom Brady is totally on my list. And I can't cross off Viggo - not now, not ever!

Mad Woman said...
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Mad Woman said...

Ok I have no idea who Tom C is but I'm totally with you on the Josh Jackson thing. I never liked him when he was on Dawson's Creek but that boy has aged into a rather ruggedly handsome man. Yumm.

I'm rather partial to Gordon Ramsay and his potty mouth myself. And that guy who used to be on Buffy and then some high powered exec thought they'd give him his own show Angel and now he's on Bones? ..um... David Boreanaz? HAWT!!!

SmartAssMom said...

I thought Tom was gay.

I mean, not that it really matters, the likelihood of running into any of them is slim, no? But just in case you DO run into him, I think that tid bit is important.

-B said...

I'm sorry, sis, but I have dibs on Colin.