I prefer things to be on a schedule - and by being on my "I'm a tight ass" schedule, I can't stay up late and watch any late night programming. Like Conan or Letterman, or Cinemax. However, since the creation of Hulu, the hour I take in the morning to get ready is now filled with Late Night laughter and merriment - just two days later than the rest of the world has seen it.

Every morning I tune into Conan O'Brien on The Tonight Show - and have it in the background on my laptop. I've enjoyed him taking over The Tonight Show - and especially at 6:15 in the morning it really doesn't take much brain power to follow what's going on. Stand Up, Guest, Guest, Silly Prank, Music Guest.

However, since he's taken over ,my favorite bit that he does is TWITTER TRACKER... Have y'all seen this? Maybe it's the fact that they keep blowing up little animated birds, but I think it's a riot. I've always kind of thought twitter was a bit strange - and will admit that I don't really get it. I mean...Why do I give a crap what Ashton Kutcher had for lunch, right? But the bit that they do - about the IMPORTANT updates that these celebrities throw out there, well, I just think it's funny.

Totally unrelated to Conan O'Brien...Dad Gone Mad/Danny Evans mentioned on his blog that he was on Twitter. And I love Dad Gone Mad. So, off I go to Twitter to sign up - just so I can follow him. I didn't really realize that I would have to create an account with them to 'follow someone', but I did, because I like him, and with his book coming out soon - I imagined he was going to have some interesting things to say - but maybe not as much time to have daily posts. So, I joined for Danny. (I'm sounding a bit stalkerish, aren't I?)

So, I follow Danny. And that's it.

This is where it gets weird. I logged into Twitter this morning to see if Conan twitted - because I just think THAT would be funny as hell.....And I see that three people are following ME. Why are they following me?

So now I feel like an asshole. Because I don't twit. Or...I haven't twated? No, that's not right.
Now there's pressure. Pressure to write something that's more funny that what I had for lunch. Because it's really not interesting....at all....as a matter of fact....I didn't have lunch.

So....follow me on twitter...because today I told three people that I was an asshole and it's only down hill from here.