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Apparently in the time it took to sleep a normal amount of hours last night, the sun came about 50 million miles closer to earth...because when we woke up this morning it was already pushing 200 degrees.

I exaggerate. But only slightly. It's one of those days in D.C, where you can feel your air conditioning cursing you, the tires on the car are actually melting into the pavement, and the radio has to stop every five minutes for public service announcements because it's not safe for old people or dogs outside. Apparently it's also too hot for 5 years old to play outside at school.

So, I kicked off work early and picked her up, knowing with out having something to excite her she was going to be a basket case when we got home. I have been putting off a certain task for quite some time - something I was thinking I would do right before the "official" school year started...it being KINDERGARTEN and all....But I'm afraid I can't put it off any longer....

I picked her up to get her hair cut.

I walked into her room, and casually mentioned to her teachers "Hey Ya'll - Say Goodbye to her long hair, we're off to get it cut!"

But apparently what I really said was "Hello Evil Child Educators! Release My Child From Your Dirty Grasps So I May Take Her Home And Set Her ON FIRE!" For the reaction to me cutting her hair was, well, severe - to put it mildly.

I'm a little afraid to take her to school tomorrow....Ransom notes on my windshield...Made of hair clippings....


Big Kahuna said...

So when do we see a photo of the abused child and her new do?