I was cleaning out some stuff under the kitchen sink and came across an old bottle of Drano and started laughing immediately. I imagine to most people Drano isn't funny....


Many years ago I took a week to visit my gypsy sister (they move so much you would think they were in Witness Protection) and her family in Palm Springs. My husband and I knew that we just a few months from trying to start a family - and that I would inevitable turn into a basket case - so I took some "me" time and took the trip by myself. I spent a few days by myself just laying around the pool, and then spent the remainder of the week playing and drinking with them.

The first day we spent together, she told me that there probably wasn't any beer in the house, but that there was a Quick Stop sort of store right next to the house, so I could stop if I wanted on the way over. Being the kind and considerate sister that I am, I asked if there was anything else they needed, since I was stopping anyway.

"Oh, yea, actually. The bathroom sink is stopped up. Grab some Drano!" she said.
"No problem. If they have it, I'll get it."

Following the handy directions she gave me, I found the Quick Mart and ran in for my supplies.

A 24 pack of Coors Light, and a big ol' bottle of Drano.

Now, I'm not entirely sure if I looked tired, or sad. But apparently the sight of me buying large quantities of alcohol and a big bottle of poison set off her radar.

When she handed back my change, she made sure she put her hand on mine and said VERY slowly "It's a BEAUTIFUL day. ISN'T IT?!?!?!"

That's why Drano makes me a laugh. I still feel bad that I never went back to Quick Stop for the rest of the trip - but my brother in law made all the beer runs for the rest of the week.


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*giggle, giggle* That store clerk is still wondering about you. :)