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In honor of Harvey Korman.
Harvey Korman
February 1927 - May 2008

I loved the Carol Burnett show. Tim, Carol, Harvey and that other lady who I can't remember the name of. My most favorite shows were the ones where the actors themselves couldn't stop laughing. I saw a behind the scenes once with the whole crew, years after the show was over, and Carol said that Tim's favorite thing to do was to get Harvey to break character.

As seen in this footage.


-B said...

O.M.G. I as trying to eat Grape Nuts while I watched that. You owe me a new keyboard.

They were the greatest team- the 4 of them. IMHO, the funniest ever.

He'll be missed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by today on your dgm tour..I have the list just haven't done it. (blog slacker). I love your header (it doesn' look fat at all).

I want to assume from the gray hair comment you are in a way around my age.. I grew up with The Carol Burnett Show. I sat on the couch with either my parents or Nana (I would go to her house sometimes and watch TV after church).
We would laugh..BELLY laugh. I'd see my mom cry she was laughing so hard which I thought was really funny.
Harvey Korman, Tim Conway, Carol Burnett, Vickie Lawerence and Lyle Waggoner....OMG. The comediens of that generation were brilliant. I also loved Dick Van Dyke, Johnny Carson, Red Skelton, Bob Newhart. There aren't as many now that can still make me laugh without potty humor or cussing (not that there is anything wrong with that)..you know a family comedian..Maybe Mike Meyer and Robin Williams but even they straddle that line.
Thanks for letting me hijack your post, I just realized I was typing an essay. LOL

Pammer said...

OMG lived for Carol Burnett. Nothing was funnier than watching those two crack each other up. He will definitely be missed.