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With the exception of one year that I wanted to "be on my own" - I have always lived in, or around, this town. In 1979, when we first moved here from Texas, it was a very small town. One traffic light and the local High's on the street corner, where my friend and I would buy Slim Jim's and Grape Nehi on Saturday mornings.

Things have changed a great deal over the last 30 years. We certainly have a lot more than just one traffic light, and the annual summer festival now entertains close to 90,000 people each year. Part of me misses the small town feel, however, I've enjoyed watching the town grow - and it certainly does offer more options.

Personally, I think there is a value in living in the same place for the majority of your life.

Unfortunately, there is a major down fall. You never really get the the option to "start fresh". And I've learned that some people have very long memories.

Try to remember just a handful of all the stupid things you have done in the last 30 years. Embarrassing, right? Now realize that you are NOT the only one that remembers all those things. And God forbid an old high school friend of yours gets married....and the people you did all those stupid things in front of are there.

And they want to rehash the "good ol' days".

"Oh My Gosh Kerrie!! Do you remember when you were the lead in the Spring Musical and your character was supposed to have a flat chest? Do you remember having to wrap your big melons in ace bandages to make them seem smaller?"

"Hey Kerrie - Do you still wear two socks on each foot because you think your ankles are too skinny?"

"hahahhaa - Hey do you remember when you drank half a bottle of Jack at the cast party and threw up on my water bed?"

"Remember how you were such a freakin' drama queen and you flipped out in the middle of rehearsal and called our teacher a bitch and stormed out?"

Good times ... good times.

Yes, I remember all those things. I have thought from time to time that I would like to go to my 20 year reunion just to show people that I'm not a basket case anymore. However, I see most of those people at the festival, so I can probably save the $100 bucks on the new dress.

For the record I don't double up my socks anymore - I enjoy the fact that any part of my body is skinny.

I certainly don't wrap my boobs in ace bandages - but rather revel in their size. It's hoping that people will pay attention to those and not the size of my ever expanding stomach.

In addition - I hate Jack Daniels. But I think the above mentioned vomit episode is the reason behind that.

Most importantly though, my drama teacher never liked me.


Becs said...

I envy you. The whole moving away and getting a fresh start thing is way overrated. Trust me.

I have moved 8 times in my life. Each time was hard and it still it.

Mumma Boo said...

Precisely the reason I moved two hundred miles away. Close enough to sneak back and visit loved ones, but far enough so that the stupid things I did twenty years ago aren't brought up every time I go to the grocery store. And I can never touch champagne again. Closing night debacle. Even my parents laughed at me. Striking the set with the mother of all hangovers is something I'll never forget.

Shamelessly Sassy said...

I live in the same small hick town that I grew up in. And sometimes it's ridiculous. and sometimes I'm glad.