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I think I've mentioned before that I have Tuesdays off of work. Each of us in the office took a hit in 'cutting hours' - and while initially it was hard...I've become quite used to, and thankful, for the day. It enables me to do all the wife and mom things that need to be done during the course of a week.

Unfortunately, today did not grant me such luxury as a day off....but the day off - with company.

For sick and disease related issues - the spawn was kicked out of school - and had to accompany me all all errands today. Errands that HAD to happen. Boring errands.....long errands....But none the less, errands that had to be done.

So, here we are...excited to go on an adventure. We're showered and dressed....let's pee one more time...and off we go.

For anyone that's met my daughter, and those that have not, in public - she's an angel. There is rarely a time that someone will not laugh at us and tell us that we're silly when we can her the devil...."She's so well behaved....She's so sweet....She's so pretty!"

You silly silly people. That's how she sucks you in.

Today we experienced not 1, not 2....but 9 different, hell raising, full on scream, watch how many different colors my face can turn, I can peel paint off the walls, temper tantrums.

And let me tell you....If I had given in on all of these 'episodes'....I would have left the mall with:

A 12 foot stuffed bear dressed like a cop, a four pound chocolate chip cookie, a black lace teddy from Victoria's Secret, the "M" book in a set of Encyclopedias, a 75 dollar cigar, a lithograph of a bizarre looking man playing saxophone, a size 6 beaded evening gown, an entire surround sound system for the house and one of those ridiculously sized 120 pound bottles of Chanel at the perfume counter.

Now.....My mother has told me many times that I was a sweet child. (I'm talking about being a child...not a teenager where we are all crazy)

So, this isn't Karma, right?

I'm being punished for some other horrendous act that I may have done.

Here's the catch....The last tantrum was in 7-11.....Because I wouldn't' let her steal a cup.

Life mirrors blogging?


Sidenote: A lllooonngg time ago, I signed up on humor blogs.com....I am currently rated 688. Which in a nutshell means I suck. Click here and let's see if I can at least get in the top 500.


Mumma Boo said...

Oh, I feel for you! But, hey, at least she has good taste. I mean, cookies, teddies (both kinds!), expensive cigars and perfumes - she's quite the connoisseur at her tender age. Hope she's feeling better soon!!

billandjill.com said...

Amazingly, You just listed the *exact* contents of my pockets!

Aunt Becky said...

That's totally what I bought today!

Ms Picket To You said...

Today with my Perfect Mom Sister in Law, my Giant Four Year Old was having a similar day. "I wanna toy!" he screamed. "No," I said, all stern-like. To which he replied, "But you ALWAYS get me a toy when I yell like that." Umm? Pretty sure she's on the phone with my mother in law as I type.

Good times...