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I was given the most blessed opportunity to take some Mommy R&R these last couple of days. In fact, as I write this, I am staring out of someone else's window at a long row of multi-colored beach houses on the edge of the North Carolina Outer Banks beach. I only have one more evening until real life creeps back in, and 6:00 am will find me heading back home to work, family and chores.

The phone call from my friend came at a perfect time - and wonderfully with no strings attached. She's between breaks at school and was in a much needed vacation. She was going to go with or without me - but threw the option out there if I wanted to come and veg for a while. In addition - It wasn't going to cost me a thing.

Surprisingly, my husband was supportive of it, so off I went for three days to lay in the sun, drink some beers and get in some good, long over due, girl bonding.

One thing has struck me the most over the last few days.

She doesn't irritate me.

That may sound strange - however, if you only understood how very different the two of us are...You would think that at SOME point in time - we would have to call a time out and walk away.

She's a non-drinking, non-smoking, sunscreen fanatic, organic eating vegetarian, every dish must be washed perfectly before putting into the dishwasher, can not sleep until the entire jigsaw is put together, tree hugger.

I am a drinking, smoking, sun worshiping carnivore. I believe that dishwashers are here for a reason and I don't give a shit if the puzzle is done or not.

Her life is consumed with her career, getting her masters, and her dogs.

My life is consumed with my daughter & her schedule, my family and my house.

For 11 years we have been best friends - and at no time have either of us been able to figure out why the two of us stand the test of time - while others fade away.

We can only assume that opposites attract. I would like to think that we complement each other - and occasionally bring each other back from the edge of neurosis. Not once did she judge me when I couldn't find my husband and daughter for TWO WHOLE HOURS, and was convinced that they were dead. Nor did she even bat an eye when I needed to figure out how to finish off the rest of the beer before we left, because throwing beer away is just plain wrong.

She's currently checking the dishes that I previously washed to make sure that they are suitable for the dishwasher, then she will sit down to make a list of the things that need to be done in the next five hours.

So, here's a toast to my best friend. Lord knows why we stay together.

What do you think the equation is?


MadWomanMeg said...

I really do think it's the "opposites attract" thing that works for you. I find myself as astounded as you when I get along with a friend so well who is so very different from myself.

Glad you had a good weekend. Where can I get some time off?

Jenn said...

We all need some time off from our every day lives, glad that you enjoyed it.

My best friend and I are also opposites, and we mesh very well. Her mother said (20 errrr, some years ago) that because we are opposite, we balance each other out. Where one is weak, the other is strong.

Found you from the Dad Gone Mad Link list!