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A while ago, Meg from Mind of a Mad Woman, tagged me. And by a while ago - I mean a while ago. I would like to say it took me this long to get to it because I had important things to do. IMPORTANT THINGS, I say. But, in truth, I didn't. I just didn't do it. I'm a horrible horrible blog friend. I probably won't send her a birthday card either. I'm going to R.S.V.P to her barbecue and then not come. I'm going to tell her blog layout looks great, when in fact it makes her blog look fat.

See? Horrible Horrible blog friend.

Regardless, here goes.

1) What is your favorite food?

Currently my favorite food is everything that I can not have. I stole a, (a, one, singular, uno) Pringle from my daughter last night and thought that my tongue was going to have an orgasm. For a brief moment I was tempted to smother her with a couch pillow, steal the rest of her chips and run from the room before my husband could stop me….from, you know, killing my daughter over a chip.

2) What is your favorite color?

European Unladen Swallow….(points for anyone who knows what the hell I’m talking about)

3) Hair –


I’m not entirely sure what this is. Is someone asking me about my favorite hair? Or if, in fact, I have hair. Or if I do, in fact, have hair, what color it is? I’m very confused by this question. So, I suppose I’ll answer all of that. Yes, I have hair. I have a lot of it, as a matter of fact. I have hair in places where I don’t want hair. I am paying someone a couple thousand dollars to get rid of that hair. I’ll let you know how that goes. Oh, and the hair, all of it, is brown. Except when it’s gray.

4) Recent DVD watched –

P.S. I Love You.

Not good. Don’t do it. I warned you.

5) Guilty Pleasure TV Show –

Yikes. I think it would probably be easier to tell you what Guilty Pleasure TV Show I don’t watch. Yes, that would be MUCH easier. I’ll let you know when I can actually come up with one.

Oh! I don’t watch Meerkat Manor. Pretty much everything else is fair game. Sadly, I’m sure if I tuned into just one of those meerkat shows I would start a season pass. I’m that sick.

6) If I was a tree, what kind of tree would I be?

Again, who came up with these questions? I would be a tree with brown and gray hair holding a Tivo remote, bitch slapping small children with my heavy limbs so I can steal their calorie filled treats?


And no, your blog does not make you look fat. It's rather flattering.


Carolyn...Online said...

Hi - I'm Carolyn, from over there at CarolynOnline. Thanks for your comment ma'am. I came over to say hello. Why is it called "memme" or "memmed"? Is it like Me! Me! ???

Karen Sugarpants said...

I LOVED P.S. I love you but bawled the whole time. Good thing I was watching it on my laptop in bed! LOL!

Heidi said...

Too funny. I happened to land on Meerkat Manor the other night- I had to turn it off to avoid getting hooked. :)

Lee said...

European unladen swallow?

I must have missed that chapter in the Kama Sutra.

Thanks for stopping by, and hope to see you again!