I've said it before, and I'm sure I'll say it again, but times are tight for some. Apparently Memorial Day driving was at an all time low because of the cost of gas. I see all to often in my line of work how hard times are. A few days ago I read that Costco and Sam's Club are rationing rice. Rice! Apparently I can't buy more than two fifty pound bags of rice at a time. I suppose that doesn't really have an impact on me, per say. But I would like to know if I was ever in the market for 300 pounds of rice - I could get it.

All of that being said - you need to know where to shop. Gotta have your eyes peeled - ready for that amazing deal.

Look no further - Just come to my house!!

My husband and I have piddled on Ebay and Craigslist from time to time. An interesting item that we would like to buy - but didn't want to pay retail. Or an item that we were looking to off load - and didn't particularly feel like having an entire yard sale to get rid of it.

The one thing that we have learned from all of this piddling?

People really dig free shit. Free shit that is crap. Free shit that is broken and covered in dirt and mold.

I have this beautiful solid cherry armoire - I paid almost $800 for it about a year and a half ago. We sold our house and bought this Single Family and my ceilings are too low. It can't fit in the door. It's sitting in my garage. I CAN'T sell it. I've got it listed for $150!!!

We have a really comfortable couch and oversized chair in our formal living room. It's neutral, clean and quite soft. Personally, I think it's very nice. We actually really don't want to get rid of it - but how many living room sets does one family need - right? My loss is your gain! Just $200 for BOTH! It's a STEAL! Apparently, no. Not even one email about it.


Free: BROKEN lawnmover. Over 10 years old. Has not worked in over a year.
Gone in about 2 hours.

Free: Nasty, dirty, mini-fridge. Quite certain there is mold growing on the inside. There's an ugly white board duct taped to the front - and not entirely sure it even works. Have no idea why I even have it in my garage.
Gone in less than 30 minutes.

We have posted everything from mold infested mini-fridges to broken and busted halogen lamps. Old printers that don't even hold paper anymore. A friend of ours listed pieces of concrete that he jack hammered out of his backyard.

All gone. And at lightening speed.

So, that's my Monday morning piece of advice. You want something gone. Make sure it's nasty and covered in bacteria - and list it for free. Someone is going to come get it in a few hours.

Seriously....Any one want this lovely armoire?


Big Kahuna said...

You need to try Craigslist ...

You can get a date, find a job or make a friend ... why not sell you stuff.

C-Rah said...

If I had the money to buy it, I might consider it, because we do need a house.

However, I won't even GO into how bad our financial situation is right now. You may just cry with me, and I don't like making other people cry. Unless I'm mad at them. But, you? You're good. So no crying.