It's been a very interesting 24 hours round these here parts.

I would like everyone to take a moment and carefully look at this map. I'll wait here.

Done? Good.
So, here's something about me.


So, color me surprised when a freakin' tornado touched down in my neck of the woods yesterday.

It was the damdest thing I've ever seen. The whole world just went dark, the rain started...but not rain I've ever seen before. It was sideways rain. Not rain that was just slightly was SIDEWAYS rain. Trees were bending in middle and running parallel to the street.

Only funny thing that happened was the women in the parking lot trying to use an UMBRELLA. These winds were strong enough to MOVE CARS, you think your umbrella is going to protect you? It immediately turned inside out - and looked like it was trying to eat her face.

By the time I thought to get my camera and videotape the was over.

But the damage left in it's path was pretty severe.

There are very few that have power...some won't get it as late as Saturday. Flash floods, no street lights to speak of and trees are everywhere.

Fortunately for us - the only thing we lost was power at our house. But unfortunately for us - it's the worst thing that can happen.

I can't sleep when it's hot. Or when it's too quiet. I can't function. It consumes my brain. Every sound the house makes freaks me out. I'll convince myself that someone is breaking in to murder us in our sleep. My husband has been on the receiving end of one of these nights...I imagine not something he wants to experience again. So, he didn't even bat an eye when I said we had to get a hotel room.

I called three different hotels. The first one didn't have a generator, so no A/C. That was out. Called the next one - fully booked. Ended up calling one of those hotels that really isn't a hotel - but more like an apartment. They had one room left.

So, if you were ever curious how much air conditioning is worth to me.

It's worth $287 a night at the Residence Inn.

So, what's the thing you'll spend too much money on?


C-Rah said...

The perfectly most relaxing massage. Ahhh.

MamaKaren said...

You know, air conditioning and the ability to take a shower without setting up candles in my bathroom would be well worth the money. My boss just came over and said that she is getting reports that her part of Falls Church will be without power for 'several days' She's actually looking forward to our all-day meeting on Sunday, since she'll be sitting in an air conditioned conference room in Montgomery County, instead of her own stuffy house.

Christine Bilek said...

I second c-rah

We got hit twice yesterday in Leesburg...what's that all about?

Mumma Boo said...

Glad to hear you're ok, despite the lack of power. And I'm with you - must have air conditioning. Or in the winter months, when the power craps out during an ice storm up here, heat and hot coffee! Hope the power comes back soon!