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Here's something I never thought I would hear myself say. I kind of like the gym.

Now, I'm not CRAZY about it. I haven't gotten to the point in my life - or in my gym career - if I miss the gym for a few days I start to feel gross. The words "ugh, I can't believe I haven't gone to the gym in three days!" has never come out of my lips. I'm not skipping down the hallways of the gym - and I certainly don't like seeing the gym fee hit my credit card every month.

However, it's starting to grow on me a little. We've got all this workout equipment at home - and God love him - my husband uses it all. And I think I may have figured out the reason why driving to the gym, instead of using the already paid for equipment in my own home, works better for me.

The only person I get to watch working out at home - is me. And that's just plain boring.

People watching at the gym has got to rank right up there with the Mall and Amusement Park people watching.

Over the last couple months I've managed to put most people into their respective little categories. Yes - I'm stereo typing...(ha - get it? typing? Oh come on! That was funny!)

The gym is divided into two very separate work out areas. All the tread mills, stair climbers, ellipticals, row machines, and such are on one side. On the other side are all of the free weights. With weights that are as large as my car and weigh just as much. Most of the people in here are as wide as they are tall. The guys you see on tv pulling tractors with their teeth...Yea, those guys. Not judging - just not my thing.

Anyway, everyone pretty much keeps to their own side of the gym. Except this one guy. I see him almost every time I'm there. I've nicknamed him Meat Head Loud Grunter. I'm not entirely sure if he just wants to come check out the ladies or if he's maybe showing off his body to "our side"...but there really isn't anything on our side that is heavy enough for him, so he ends up using two machines at once and grunts REALLY loud. I can hear this guy over my iPod. It's quite disturbing.

There's a little old lady that walks around - every day. I've never once seen her use a machine. She's got a water bottle and a towel. She just walks around the gym. She seems very sweet...She smiles at everyone. Just seems like she could walk around her neighborhood and save herself the money.

Naked Locker Room Lady That Keeps Talking To Me. Seriously...I don't get this. Just yesterday my mother and I were in the locker room changing into our workout clothes and discussing the gastric bypass a friend of ours had a few years ago. This woman - who was BUTT ASS NAKED started asking questions about the procedure. I have NO problem with strangers talking to me. I've struck up my fair share of conversations with people in line at stores or in the frozen food section of the grocery store. I'm just not NAKED when I'm doing it. What I found so odd about this is that she wasn't really even making an attempt to get dressed. Her underwear was IN HER HAND. Good Lord woman - Put them on.

Interesting side note: I can tell you without hesitation that this woman could not have been more than 120 pounds. She asked if Gastric Bypass surgery was something that she should look into. I can safely say that I have first hand knowledge that this woman does NOT need gastric bypass surgery.

Naked people are weird.


Anonymous said...


This, to me, personally, and I mean myself and I, this was in my opinion... funny as hell. Stop. My side hurts.. Stop.. serious.. I know this naked ladie... she was in MY locker room... I'm dyin... go away... go post somewhere else... LMAO....my aorda...( I heart elipses)