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I consider myself a very amateur gardener....I know certain plants and have very little fear over trying something I don't know. If it looks pretty - I'll try to plant it and take care of it. I'm slowly trying to convert most of my beds into perennial plants to save some time each year with the planting. Last year I attempted a hibiscus - which was lovely, but won't come back year after year. This year, in the same exact spot of last years hibiscus, something started to grow. I have read that some plants - if it wasn't a particulary harsh winter - will re-seed themselves.

So, I've been thinking that maybe I would get lucky and get my hibiscus back again.

However, this thing is growing very fast....and I have no idea what the hell it is. It's kind of pretty...but if I find out I've been nursing a freakin' weed for months I'm going to be pissed.

Anyone know what the hell this thing is??


Sandy said...

I'm not sure what it is, but I'm pretty sure it isn't a weed. And there are hardy hibiscus so it could be one of those. And it looks like you will have flowers soon so just wait and see. Keep us posted!

kathleen said...

It looks like some sort of hydrangea, I think.