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I started this blog about a year ago. Originally, it was meant to get some info out there to family and friends because when it came to responding to emails and keeping the family up to date, I sucked. In addition, many strange things bounce around in my head and I needed an outlet.

It didn't take too long before I had a handful of readers and became consumed with 'comments'.

Comments! That word either strikes fear in the hearts of bloggers or makes them all warm and fuzzy inside.

There was a time, not too long ago, that comment usage was at an all time high. Each night I would go to bed and blog in my sleep. I would come up with brilliant things to say the next day, brilliant I tell you. Each day with the sun I would think, "what wondrous things will I say to my readers today that will in turn force them to validate my existence".

But alas, the comment usage is down. No longer is the desire of strangers to leave me words of encouragement and undying love.

So that brings us to my weekly verbal smack down.

At least once a week I will have the following conversation with my sister.

Me: Not ONE person said anything today! Didn’t YOU think that was funny?

Her: I’m sorry what?....I was trying to pay the bills, clean the kitchen, play with the kids, and remain beautiful and desirable for my husband all at the same time. Did you say something?

Me: Yes Damnit! No Comments! Did you hear me? No one said ANYTHING! I’m not funny! I’m not clever! No one loves me! I may as well eat worms.

Her: Yea Kid…Go eat some worms. Let me know how they taste (yawn)

Me: When did it stop? Did you read yesterday’s blog? Was THAT ONE funny? Let’s talk this through and anaylze it.

Her: Um…Wha? Er? Oh – right, sure. Yea, um, did you check your stat counter today?

Me: Yea, it said 74 visits.

Her: Suck It. Bye.

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MadWoman said...

I am a mere newbie in the world of blogging so these words may come as little consolation ... but I check your blog every day and try to leave a comment.

And here's another wee factoid for ya....your hits outnumber mine about a million to one.

You rock Kerrie...keep writing, there's some of us who read regularly.

Big Kahuna said...

You got some good advice from your sister.

Beth said...

De-lurking to leave you a comment! I get to you thru Humor Blogs & everyday look forward to new posts, no pressure though ;)

VDog said...

Eh...comments, schmomments. Easy to say, right? But in practice, not so much.

I've even toyed with the idea of turning OFF comments, but I think my 3 readers might not like that so much.

I hope you can come to a good place with this bloggy pressure/need for response thing. It's tough.

C-Rah said...

I get like that too - like, how can NO one but the usual one commenter have anything to say about such inspiring and wonderful material from yours truly?

But then, yeah - the stat counter automatically makes you feel much better about it.

Christine Bilek said...

sometimes I feel creepy leaving comments all of the time...but I know what you are saying. I just joined up one of those stat trackers and it is very interesting to see where the readers come from.

I love your sister's suck it comment.