Dear Blog,

I haven't stopped loving you, really I haven't. But I am currently sitting on the floor in my office - with no desk, no filing cabinet and buried underneath 28 boxes full of crap. I have only just now connected the computer JUST so I could talk to you.

Yes, I realize that I am talking about my WORK office and that I could have talked to you in the evenings when I got home. However, by the time I've gotten home - I'm lucky if I can open a beer bottle and sit down and introduce myself to my daughter.

Yesterday she told me "I missed you on the couch last night".

Once I'm able to clear a path - I will escape this office of hell and pay more attention to you. I promise.

Anything interesting happen to you this week? I'm all ears.


Ms Picket To You said...

dude. I feel your pain. Hope you got the bottle of beer at least.

MadWoman said...

Sucky dude.

I will trade you your office of hell if you come work my night shifts for me :)

Hope you get to have some time on the couch with the daughter and a beer soon.