Well...What do you know? I've found myself with a few moments to sit down and write something.

And I have absolutely nothing to say. Yea, Yea - I know....My husband is probably choking on his coffee right now.

I had a great weekend with family, that included a retirement celebration for our Pastor of 18 years. Lots of family members got up and spoke and/or sang, which was great. Probably one of the coolest things - was that my sister came into town for it and brought her youngest daughter.....which allowed ME to unload MY daughter on her for 2 whole days. Sweet! (we paid her afterwards....make the guilt less)

I drank my daughters weight in beer. (you guys are going to start thinking I'm a boozer....We just have a lot of reasons to drink. Family comes into town, Birthdays Parties, Tuesdays)

I disagreed with my mother on something pretty big, and she didn't throw anything at me.

I attempted to illustrate to my sister what Mick Fleetwood looked like 15 years ago, at the final concert, when he had electronic drums built INTO his suit...and essentially played his body. It did not translate well.

My mother and I tried to sing Gold Dust Woman...and STILL have no idea what the hell the words are.

I grabbed my sisters crotch. While she was driving. Apparently pretty hard. (I may explain this story one day - but for now - I think that's enough)

My weekend in a nutshell.

Pretty typical right? No? Really? What did YOU do this weekend?


MadWoman said...

Sounds just like MY weekend!! Well except for...well....everything!

Seems you had a fairly decent time, and made use of the perfectly good excuse to drink. I'm impressed.

Now...explain the crotch grabbing.

Big Kahuna said...

Yes, said your father ... what the hell was the crotch grabbing thing and why didn't your sister mention it to me ...

I understanding drinking (much drinking), arguing and singing songs you don't know (usually follows drinking)... but grabbing your sister's crotch ...

Explain yourself

Ms Picket To You said...

wait? are you in my family?

loves it.

Anonymous said...

wait, wait, wait... I was there...how did I miss that? it sounds sooo wrong...and kinda hot...no wait--- I didn't say THAT-