My husband and I are avid readers, however our taste in books couldn't be further from each other, save maybe the Harry Potter series. Regardless, our house is littered with paperbacks...mine are the ones that look as though they've gone through the dish washer a couple of times. Mine are also the romance novels - with a few Clive Cussler thrown in so I won't look like a total sap.

My favorite authors are Nora Roberts, Judith McNaught and Jude Deveraux, just to name a few. I recently just finished Jude's latest book, 'Return To Summerhouse'. I enjoyed it, as I do much of her work, and was finished with it within about three days. Without giving too much of the story away, I will say there was an interesting 'time travel' twist to the story, and the main characters were given the opportunity to go back in time - to any time - for only three weeks, thus giving them a chance to change their future.

Now - follow the segue way.

Interestingly enough, the last couple of weeks have brought quite a few 'blasts from the past'. As a matter of fact, I spent a good portion of last Saturday nights 'kegger' with my sisters ex-husband. A girlfriend of mine sent me an email the other day that she had run into my ex-husband (yea, I haven't told you guys that yet) ... I didn't even know he was living in the state.

So, that got me thinking about this book.

If someone gave my sister the chance to go back and re-live three weeks of her life, would she still have married him? If someone gave ME the opportunity to go back, would I have made the same choices?

What if you could go back and change your life? Would you do it?

Honestly, I don't think I would. As many mistakes as I've made in my life (and there have been a few whoopers) I would be afraid that by 'erasing' those mistakes, I wouldn't have what I have now. What if the path of mistakes that I took led me to where I am now, and by changing that, I wouldn't have my husband or my daughter. Certainly not a risk I would take.

Anyway, I realize a bit over the top, but it's been an interesting week.

So, what about you? Would you go back? And if so, what would you change?


mumma boo said...

I don't think I would, mainly for the same reasons you stated. If I made different choices, would I be who I am and where I am now? Of course there are moments I wish I could change, mostly the ones in college where I was making a total ass out of myself, but I'm far enough way from those to chalk them up to "learning experiences" now. Heh. Have you read The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger?

Sandy said...

Absolutely, I would. I don't know that I could change things but I would try to love more, judge less and live those three weeks as if they were my last.

MadWoman said...

There are many things that I've screwed up, a couple horrible things that have happened to me, and a few things that I've wished I could change once upon a time....BUT...I wouldn't do it. Like you said, it would change who I am now, and possibly what I have. It's all about making what you have now, work for you.

Ms Picket To You said...

because missing a few horrendously embarrassing moments (weeks) (drunken and sober), no.

this reminds me of a song by Poi Dog Pondering. they kinda sucked but this song "Thanksgiving" is worth it, especially the lyric "thanksgiving for every wrong move that made it right."

download it.

oh and Soapbox, i love it when you get all thoughtful.

kaui Hemmings said...

I'd change my stock picks and a few of my outfits.