I mentioned in an earlier post that we had a retirement party for our Pastor...and since we collectively decided that just closing the doors of the church was a bad idea...We have something big going on with another local church.

Anyway, that being said - Sunday was the first day of a guest Pastor - so I went. For support. To check her out. But also because I promised I would.

I left my heathen husband and 'too young to have an opinion about a higher power' spawn at home.

I was gone from the house for about two hours I guess.

And I came home to THIS!!!

You see? Great things happen when you go to church! Your spouse will buy you a far too expensive gaming console with blue ray! Oh Happy Day!

You see, I'm not much of a 'girly girl'. I don't like bees, but I have no problem jabbing a hook up a worms ass. I had no idea what a Manolo Blahnik was (or how to spell it apparently) until I read it in another blog. I love football, hockey, a six pack and video games.

With the addition of my new PS3 - I do believe that my honorary penis grew a little.


Big Kahuna said...

Does a worm have an ass?

Ms Picket To You said...

toasting you with my toolbox!

play on.

MadWoman said...

Ahhh a girl after my own non girly girl heart. I'll come stick hooks into worms while we watch Blue Ray on the PS3 anyday!!

mumma boo said...

So you're saying that the next time I go to church, the personal chef I've always wanted will be waiting for me when I get home?!?! Sweet! Is it Sunday yet?

Anonymous said...

That goatee does WONDERs for the manthing--- maybe I oughta grow mine back- cuz I been a bit...um...in you hubby's words "DOMESTICATED"-- ASK him-- I was gonna try and start some shit-- thank goodenss I didnt cuz ALL I CAN SAY IS--- HOLY BOOYAA!!! MM has the Nards of a Bull Moose in HEAT-- extra props for busting out the PS3 while you were at CHURCH!!!