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Bath time is usually the best time to get information out of my daughter. She's contained in one spot and has to get past me - wet and naked - to escape. Bath time is where I learned she has two new best friends that she 'misses forever', named Charlotte and Michael. It's also where I learned that apparently Santa Claus will be joining us on our beach trip in August.

Last night was no different - I learned that the President of the United States is George Bizet.

Personally, I don't see the similarities.

I have to give her props though for actually retaining some information out of the cartoon that shall not be named.

In other news, that stupid vulture was back at my office this morning when I got here. I'm starting to believe that he's trying to tell me something. It can't be a good sign when vultures are circling my real estate office. I think I should name him. Any ideas?

My husband and I were able to drop the kid off at my Mom's on Saturday night for a few hours. A friend of ours was having a kegger (I'm really not kidding) and we went to go check out the scene. Having a babysitter is sometimes a good thing when it comes to parties. You only have a few hours - so you get out before things really start to get ugly. Right as we were leaving the beer pong table came out - and there were a couple people with a beer bong. And even though I wasn't half as drunk as most of the people there - I still managed to fall UP the stairs and kiss a woman on the mouth.

Both completely by accident, I assure you.


Val said...

Maybe he is lost? I'm all for naming animals or inanimate objects... How about Loopy, Maggot, Germy or Carnage?

Carolyn...Online said...

Oh my a kegger. Love it!

Big Kahuna said...

I love this blog ... I learn new things about you everyday.

As far as that bird is concerned, since he is hanging out at a realtor's office I think you should just call him Dumbass.


MadWoman said...

By accident....suuuure. I don't believe you for a second but that's ok, it's likely because I tend to do the same things. It's a pretty big reason for why I don't over indulge much anymore. What I wouldn't give to go to a freakin' kegger though!!

I think the vulture should be named Vinnie.

Bill, not Jill said...

I think I speak for all of your male readers when I say that we're really going to need some more details about the circumstances surrounding this kiss.

Did it happen at the same time that you fell up the stairs? Like, "Ooops, I just tripped, and my lips landed on your lips."