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Today's post is for a few reasons.

One - A very odd thing happened trying to get into my office this morning.
Two - I wanted to have something other than crotch grabbing as the top story.

It was a typical Thursday morning in my house. Alarm goes off at 6:00, and I rush to get ready and have some alone time before the little one crashes into the bathroom and tries to paint the walls with my eye shadow and test the absorbency of Tampax tampons by putting them in the toilet.

Off to school - on time I might add - and while although there does appear to be a disagreement with what 'special' activity they are having at school today (water play vs. NO water play), she's there - settled and happy. Off I go - still on time - to work.

Leaving my daughter at school wearing a bathing suit, apparently for no reason at all.

So, I swing by Safeway for a bagel and coffee - still on time.

I pull into the parking lot of my building - still on time.

And see this.

I'm pretty damn sure that's a Vulture. Just walking around my building complex. PECKING at office doors.

I really don't know what to do with this information. It seems to ME, that a Vulture, chillin' in the vestibule is strange. Regardless, I felt it necessary to test fate and see how close I could get - and have a bit of a photo shoot with the random Vulture.

Hence, I was NOT on time for work.


Sandy said...

Hey, birds just wannna have fun! I'm sure he was looking for the early celebration since we know that celebrating often creates carrion. At least know that the vestibule is carrion free at this point.

Big Kahuna said...

It isn't often that you can find just the right place to use the word, hence.

Well Done !

Becs said...

Lol that is awesome! I wish cool things like that happened to me on my way to work too!

MadWoman said...

Well. Um. Yeah.

I really have seen it all now. Vultures circling places of employment. Perhaps it was looking for someone who has had enough of their job and just wants to end it all? Or maybe it's low on cash.

Anonymous said...

seeing as how you work in real estate-- why are you surprised a buzzard is standing at the door? Alan Greenspan standing there--- now THAT would be crazy....(however, that pic does kinda look like him--- just sayin')


Bee said...

BWAHAHAHA!! If I'd seen that in our complex I would have alerted the old ladies I work with and asked them to take cover! ;o)

Found you through BlogHer.

Anonymous said...

That alone time sounds interesting. How much of that do you need each day? Can 3 and a half minutes be enough?