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I really don't enough to write a whole post - or rather have so many small things running around my head that I can't compose ONE post about ONE thing. So, here are just a few of the things that I've had bouncing around.

My daughter loves Blues Clues....one of her favorite episodes is when Steve goes to college. She'll walk around the house and inform me that she's going to college...tomorrow. Yesterday in the car we had this small chat:

Her: Mama, I'm going to go to college.
Me: I certainly hope so.
Her: When I go to college I'm going to be a Mama
Me: Over my dead body
Her: Can I go to College and be a Daddy?
Me: You'll need to get a job pretty soon - Daddy and I can't afford college and surgery
Her: Mama is so silly


The verdict is in....The thing growing in my backyard is, in fact, a big ass mutant hibiscus.


Our Cicada Killing Wasps are back. While sitting on the patio the other night enjoying the summer air - and these horrid things were dive bombing my head - in a moment of panic I told my husband that I would give him $20 dollars if he would JUST KILL THE DAMN THING.

Always ready to protect his wife and child (and the idea of my money in his pocket) away he went with the broom.

His total is now somewhere around 6 of them (they don't die easily). I took the bet off the table when our preschool payment was in jeopardy.

In the beginning, there only seemed to be about three of them - our theory is that since he killed one of them - the others are pissed and are now gunning for him. They peck at the glass while we're watching tv.

I may never go outside again.

I really don't want Lisa to be the Next Food Network Star.


Sandy said...

I am so glad to know about the mystery plant. I thought about asking a number of times and kept forgetting! Hibiscus are amazing plants.

Ms Picket To You said...


i need to get the kids back on blues clues. they have referred to my pre-them life in college as when my mom was at "sleep away" camp.

Zip n Tizzy said...

Not so many cicadas to worry about here. What I hate are giant aunts. That would be the college fund.

MadWoman said...

Ahh blues clues. Steve drove me nuts but Joe was pretty damn hot. I think you might need to make her choose between the surgery and the edumacation. A girl needs to have some priorities after all.

Cicadas suck. I totally sympathize.

MadWoman said...

Oh! I almost forgot...I'm giving you an award...cos you rock!

Check it out!

Kid sister said...

I just saw one of those blooming hibiscus's yesterday when I was driving around after I saw your post!! Same colors and everything! Random...