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After a somewhat mentally taxing day, and after the child is asleep, we settle down to watch the tivo'd Season Finale of The Next Food Network Star.

Me: I really don't want her to win.
Him: I already know who wins. Since we tivo'd it, I saw a commercial already for the new show.
Me: That sucks. Don't tell me.
Him: Ok.
Me: I think it's safe to say that those two won't win.
Him: How can you tell that?
Me: Well, because they don't have eyeballs.
Him: They don't have eyeballs.
Me: Well yea - Look. There! When they smile - their eyes turn into little slits. They have no more eye balls. They are, I don't know, eyeball-less.
Him: Eyeball-less.
Me: Yea. Like the devil.
Him: The devil? The devil has no eyeballs?
Me: Well...I'm sure he HAS eyeballs. But I would imagine that when he smiles his evil smile - they turn into slits. You know, since he's evil.
Him: So, because Lisa and Adam are, eyeball-less, they are evil?
Me: Yes, I suppose so. And the Food Network already has enough evil people working there.
Him: Interesting. Who else is evil?
Me: Well, that Giradia lady for sure.
Him: She's evil.
Me: She has to be. She's unreasonably attractive.
Him: {cough} Unreasonably?
Me: Right. So, the last thing that they need are two more evil no cornea chefs. Right?
Him: Yes dear.
Me: Ooooh. Chicken on a beer can. Cool.


MadWoman said...

Eyeball-less. Excellent!!

Yeah we sure don't need anymore of them on tv do we. That's just creepy.

Ms Picket To You said...

please come over and watch reality TV with us. you will fit right in.