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The crispness of the air, the turning of the leaves, happy children back to school, and football season. What could be better than the return of another Virginia Fall season.

As much as I LOVE summer, I do think that maybe Fall is my most favorite season - not so much because of the weather....But because of what the turning of the season brings to me.

It's the Fall TV Schedule.

As I've honestly stated before, I am a tv whore, and make no qualms about it. However, with every new fall tv line up, comes a bit of talking and planning between the other half and myself.

We have the tivo, this much I've told you before. The tivo can record two programs at one time. So say, at 8:00 on a Thursday night we're both sitting at the tv.... He HATES survivor. So, the tivo allows us to go beyond any sort or marital discord and not have to watch Survivor RIGHT THEN...It it being happily recorded on our other 'channel'. He gets up, walks away....I switch over and start the program from the beginning. Pausing and rewinding when needed for restroom, beer and "what the hell did he just say?" breaks.

Sadly, though, the problem is - the Tivo only records two shows at one time. Yes, I realize that to some this may seem like a very small problem...however, like I've said before - he and I watch VERY different programs.

There is much debate and controversy the month leading up to the Fall Line Up. We print out the Fall Schedule....all normal broadcast channels, in addition to Sci-Fi, Bravo, CW, etc - and then discuss which tuner each night will be tuned to which show.

We have the same downfall every season .... The "New Fall Premiere" show. The show that actually looks pretty cool in the commercial...However, we're just out of space and can't afford to fit anyone new in. What to do???

We've made bad choices before....We've given up a slot for the show that was canceled after only 3 weeks.(Surface, E-Ring, Drive, Justice, Threshold and Studio 60)...And then had to catch back up with the show that we decided to push aside for the newbie.

We try to be very serious about who we give our slots to - and who we don't. Some ALWAYS make the cut. There is the "always will be" for him - no questions asked. And my "standard" list" that he wouldn't dream of interfering with. And while the following list is going to humiliate me beyond repair...I will share with them with you none the less.

  • Doctor Who
  • Friday Night Lights
  • BattleStar Gallactica
  • Stargate SG-1
  • ER
  • CSI
  • Survivor
  • Grey's Anatomy
  • Bones
  • House
  • Heros
  • Lost
  • Extreme Home Makeover
  • Eureka
  • Amazing Race
Ok - so serioulsy - there are shows that are NOT listed above....It was starting to get a little sad though. I think I've mentioned the most important...

So - OBVIOUSLY you see our dilemma. We have a very short period of time every night to watch some tv. After playing, feeding, bathing and putting the spawn to bed....We have maybe two hours before we turn into pumpkins......

You know what - this SO wasn't the point of my post tonight! Ha.

My point was - While I've been trying to think about the "opposite" of Hilary - something dawned on me. Maybe because the original was named Claire (see Heros) then maybe I could go for a tv reference. Something I'm REALLY looking forward to - something that is just going to make my life...neat. Not to mention - Laura and Barbara are just kind of...I don't know...Boring. (no offense ya'll)

(hence, the brain fart into the fall tv schedule)

So, what show am I most anxiously awaiting...? Maybe I could pull his/her name out of that....?

For example - I could call him "McPuter" - Grey's Anatomy shout out.
Or maybe - just simply "Jeff" from Survivor (but I have too many Jeffs in my life already)
Hiro? Angel? (he's in Bones now!) Epps?

Can't decide....Who knows. Truth is - maybe when it shows up it's going to just 'tell' me what his/her name is.

But for the time being - I'm kind of looking forward to checking out: Journeyman, Cane, Moonlight, Big Shots & I think there's some show with Gordan Ramsey coming about restaurants and him screaming at people which is always fantastic.

So, before I embarress myself even further with the whore that I am - I'll leave you.

I've got some tv to watch anyway.... :)


Brooke said...

Oh! Name him CHARLIE! I didn't know you watched Numb3rs! I have SUCH a HUGE geek crush on Charlie- Oh. My. Gosh.

It's a perfect name for a computer!

-k said...

Wow! Charlie is a GREAT name! It also works on two levels...Charlie from Numbers - But also Charlie from Lost! I really love that!

Pops said...

CHARLIE was also the kid in the REAL Willie Wonka .... "I've got a Golden Ticket ..."