I'm not sure if it's because I've been going non-stop for three days combined with the cold/allergy issue I'm having - but today was the hardest day thus far.

We started off on the wrong foot with her up at 4:00 am...(yes - that's 4 AM) wanting to watch Jo Jo's circus. Damn near impossible to explain to an upset three year old that Jo Jo doesn't come on for another THREE HOURS! So, tears and fights ensued. She eventually calmed down and fell back asleep. However, once I'm up ... I find it difficult to go back to sleep. So, I tossed and turned until about 6:00 where I guess I dozed off for a while - just to get up an hour later.

Dressed and off to school - double big gulp and back home to keep painting. Today's task was the master bedroom. Mostly just painting the master bedroom. The former owners hadn't painted it a horrid color by any means - but almost just an absence of color. This sort of dull gray.... I decided to change to 'green tea'. As stated earlier, I don't know why, but what should have been the easiest room to paint (no taping off, no dueling colors) was the hardest to do. I think mostly because our furniture is ENORMOUS - everything has to be moved away from the walls to give me enough space to work. But because they are so big, and so damn heavy - you don't move them that far - and end up only giving yourself about four inches of work space.

Anyway - it's done. I'm ok with it. I like the COLOR better then what was there before - but now I want to replace the bedspread and all the window treatments... :) (all the furniture and the carpet....)

Bedroom Before:

Bedroom After: (i think i like their picture better....)

I doubt I'll be posting any pictures tomorrow - unless ya'll want a picture of the Shell gas station where I'll be getting my emissions done, or the DMV at Fair Oaks mall.

I've got a cousin in town this weekend - so I imagine we'll be doing our fair share of boozing and chatting. There's football on Sunday - and then back to work on Monday.

But most importantly - Survivor starts tonight. Must see t.v. baby!


Pops said...

I like the bedroom ... very nice

Also - caught Survivor ... sorry about the Chicken Man.