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Every day I breeze through the headlines of CNN, Newsweek and The Washington Post to see what's going on in the world. And every day, like the day before, my heart breaks for those children that were exploited or kidnapped, soldiers that have lost their lives, or the hundreds of other horrid things that happen in our country and others.

However, TODAY, is a day of rejoicing - and a day for some naked horizontal mambo apparently.

Russia has suffered a great population decline since the 1991 Soviet collapse. This problem has been fed by low life expectancy, declining birth rates, a spike in emigration to other countries and a health care system that is lacking. So, as I posted a while back - they are having the OPPOSITE problem of China.

One, in my opinion, brilliant Governor of Ulyanovsk (about 900 kilometers from Russia) has declared Wednesday, September 12 - 'Day of Conception'. Those couples that sign up - are given the day off of work to ... well....conceive.

Couples that give birth on the pre-determined day (June 12 of next summer) are then in the running for new cars, money, and other assorted gifts and prizes.

The Price is Reproduction. The Wheel of Copulation. Who Wants to Be A Parent? Let's Make A Baby.

Now, people seem to be torn on how they 'feel' about this Day of Screwing....And it looks as those that were interviewed in the article that I read didn't even want to give their names. However, I think it's brilliant.

Think about it. One of the largest issues you are having in your country/area is the declining population....OBVIOUSLY what you need is for babies to be born. How else to get that done? You can't go around and impregnate everyone yourself...So, offer cash and prizes for those people that do.

They also have a program in place for those that choose to have a second child (outside of the Day of Fornicating). Cash and vouchers are given to those for schooling or housing improvements.

I also liked the fact that the prizes given on June 12 of next year are actually determined not by JUST having a baby on June 12, but also if you are a loving family of husband and wife - not just young Susie and Johnny looking to get a new SUV. I see nothing wrong with this at all. If you were thinking about having a baby anyway.....Why not wait until the day you get off of work - and maybe after having to deal with 9 months of swollen ankles, sore back, hemorrhoids, and not being able to see if the shoes you are wearing are matching or not - get yourself a little gift at the end.

I would love to be in
Ulyanovsk today. It would be great to walk the streets and see how quiet this place is today.

Seriously - A day off of work so you can get busy. I think that's fantastic.


Pops said...

Obviously the brilliant Governor of Ulyanovsk is not concerned about offending the gay population in his area, but the porn industry there must really be excited. And the Vodka manufacturers must be thrilled ....

But now ... with the limited health care that they already have in that country, how would you like to be one of the "many" women going into delivery on the Magic Day?

Brooke said...

OK, so... Ulyanovsk doesn't have ENOUGH people... And China has too MANY people....

I can think of one EASY solution. Instead of using all of that money on lost wages and 'prizes', why don't they just send plane tickets to all the couples in China who would like to have more than one child? They can all move to Ulyanovsk and populate to their hearts content....

just an idea...

-k said...


I think we have a winner folks...

Pops said...

Great Idea, Brooke

Then the Russians could have a minority of their own to hate!