Day 2 was NOT as productive as I would have liked it to be.

As with a lot of houses - not every wall is even - not every hole is a perfect rectangle or square. Which made installing the doors a chore and a half. In addition - it is pretty much a one person job - there's cutting and hammering...and he pretty much only needed me to help with holding during install. I would have gone and started another project, however the walls in this damn house are so screwed up he was installing every 10 minutes...(a slight adjustment here, a tightened screw there) So I really wasn't able to real get into anything until all the installing was done. My job after the installing was the tape, mud and paint portion..."Ok - I have built it. Now make it pretty".

HA! No such luck. Granted, for the first time that I've ever hung, taped and threw joint compound on sheet rock....It wasn't THAT bad of a job. But trust me - it's a bad job.

It's a total Monet....From far away it looks great - up close - it's a total mess!!!

Add insult to injury - I think I'm sick. It might be allergies...or a horrible cold on it's way. Allergies are a new thing for me - so I'm not necessarily sure at this point how to recognize an allergy or a head cold.

OR it could be Charlies fault for keeping me up so late (and this sister that I have...that remains nameless......)

Regardless....Day 2 In Living Color.

The doors before:

The doors after:

That's about it for the day. Some odds and ends got done and a trip to CVS for allergy and cold medication, I moved some furniture around (and then back again it seems) and he mowed the lawn.

Beer O'Clock is 45 minutes early today...



Pops said...

Looking Good, Lucy