I had the opportunity last night to go to a concert - probably my first concert in about, oh...I don't know...10 years? I'm not talking about the general sort of "live music" - but real life concert. Too much money for a ticket, nose bleed seats, too many people with BO....you know the drill.

If memory serves, the last "concert" I went to was Jimmy Buffett...about...yea - about 9 years ago. So, this was an interesting experience for me. I'm a bit older now - a bit more set in my ways - and, I believe, far better these days at the sport of "people watching".

And wow - did we have some last night.

Country music is great. I think the people in general are happy people. Most of the songs that country singers sing are about falling in love, losing a love, drinking too much - or the good ol' U.S.of A. So....in general you get a good group of beer drinking, USA lovin', country folk - just getting together to kick up their heels, sing way to loud and show off their new pick 'em up trucks.

However, there is the 'younger' generation of country. These young ladies apparently go to a country concert to hook up. Because....seriously....damn.

Let me give you an idea of how the majority of the day is spent. It's spent in 90 degree weather, sitting in betwee
n a Dodge Ram and a Ford Pick Up, sun beating down on you, on a gravel 4 acre parking lot.

This does NOT seem to me the time to dress up in my 'ho outfit and peruse the crowd for my one and only. But, man, I tell you - they were out in force yesterday.

For the most part - everyone was great and had a good time. But I learned, quite quickly I might add, that I am not well versed in the art of the tail gate.

The Tail Gate is the part that starts up to 9 hours before the actual concert begins. Some people go to get the best parking space they can to ensure a quick escape at the end of the evening. However, most go to enjoy the companionship of their country friends and their NEW country friends (all 25,000 of them). It is simply was it sounds like - park the car - open the tail gate.....and "hang"....

So, we did. The concert started at 8:00 - we got there at about 4:00. It was nice. We drank some beers - pulled out the lawn chairs and chit chatted. All in all - a lovely afternoon spent with my girlfriends - and made a few friends along the way.

But, like I said - we are NOT true tailgaters ya'll. Please observe Exhibit A:

Yep....That's a toilet.

And for the sake of my readers - and for the sake of me growing as a human being - I did pee in this tent of a potty.

It was odd...I'll give you that. However....I had, about an hour prior, used the "public" facilities. Hot - Nasty - and already out of TP. So, you know what....This wasnt all that bad.

I suppose not a bad investment to make if you are of the serious tail gater types....About $80 for the tent and about $60 for the potty. (I of course had to discuss in detail with this man about his potty before I used it)

I also had my friend "spot" me while I was in. I mean, come on....Friends don't let friends pee in tents alone.