As I sit here with beer in hand, listening to Canon in D, I am mentally checking things off in my head that have been accomplished - and those that still need attention. I would say all in all - today was a productive day - albeit filled with many words we would not use in front of the spawn - but productive none the less. I'm downstairs painting and I hear a loud "!?X*#^" from the top level.....Ah...He must be installing the new baby gate at the top of the stairs.

I am happy to report that my craft room is done (mostly). To YOU it will be done because I take pictures far enough away that I hope you can't see where I need to touch the paint up. But for the viewing publi
c - the Mama Craft Room is complete, plus sitting room to boot.

The room before we moved in: (these were photos taken before we even bought the house)

(Whoa - Wait....Music change...The Hungarian Da
nce No. 5 in G Minor isn't very soothing typing music).

And this is what I did today:

I'm still a bit unsure of my choices. No one can say I'm afraid of color....But it's reminding me a bit of the Argentina National Flag....

Anyway - I'm happy with it, for now. Basements often become "catch all" spaces for the other rooms. You don't like that bookcase anymore...chuck it in the basement, etc. So, I'm having to work with the furniture that is already down there. The coffee table and end tables are too large for that space (I'm in the process of trying to sell them) - and the picture didn't show the large hunter green chaise lounge on the left side of the room (which doesn't really flow with my Argentina Theme).

He got quite a bit done as well - but not the stuff he wanted to. He's eager to strip my PC for parts now that Charlie has arrived, but one thing or another keeps getting in the way.

So, we're down to only two days left. One of those days has already been claimed for "outside" errands. We still have yet to register our cars to our new town, haven't had an oil change in a decade, and the spawn is about two weeks overdue for her shots (oh joy), so Friday is the day for all that. That being said, I have one more day to transform this house into MY house.

So Stay Tuned.....Ah....Suite No. 3 in D..............................................