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Just a quick thought before Bull Riding Challenge comes on....

We had some friends come over tonight. We've been doing a "happy hour" thing for a while now, but she's been pregnant, for what I'm sure seems to her, for about 100 years now - so they have been fewer in the last couple months. Truth is - She's exhausted. We're exhausted.

They are the friends that I had spoken about the other day with the pool....They have a little one about the age of mine - so they are little friends. Works out well for us adults...we can set the kids up outside and let them run themselves crazy and us adults can consume an adult beverage and chit chat.

However....both of our children are going through....."the phase".....

They jump from sweet "give me kisses" to chucking and breaking things in lightening speed.

Our friends tonight, unfortunately, got the brunt of the "behavior"....However, I hope they know it was an off night for ours - because she's usually just the same.

It is nice though to spend some time with someone who is going through EXACTLY what you are. Understands the "time outs", the bribes, and everything else when you are going through this particular phase. They don't question when you swat a hand - or pull them aside for a little discussion....It just is.

Conversation will actually hold....and pause....while you do the "thing"....and then start back up again when you get back.

Like I've said before - We don't have a lot of friends. We're pretty much home-bodies. So - it's really nice every so often to get with someone and not have to do that "apologize" thing because your kid is a total lunatic.

Ok - Soft moment over. Time for some bull ridin' baby!


Pops said...

As long as you hang out with people that have HAD children, you don't ever need to apologize .... because they KNOW ... they've been there. And you never need to apologize in MY house, because I had YOU. So, trust me .... I know!