Today was the first day of our official stay home and 'get shit done' week. We gave ourselves five days - child free - to paint, hammer, jig & miter, build, and other wise organize. Today's large projects were finishing the spawns room - and to start construction on the fourteen aluminum/tin bi-fold doors that are currently in the house, to be replaced with actual wood bi fold doors. We started off with a bit of a rocky beginning - prep time was longer then expected and a trip to home depot for some unexpected purchases put us off our time table a bit....but that's to be expected for the first day.

And as promised - I am pleased to show you the fruits of our labor - Day 1.

The babies room - before: She is moving into what was going to be a guest room / mama craft room:

I am very happy with the results of her new room. I have a few small touches to make...I need new poles for the window treatments....and the pictures are driving me crazy as they won't hang right and look 'wonky'....but all in all I'm very excited for her to come home and see it. May I introduce the new Big Girl Room.

I'm not going to post any pictures of the before and after of the doors we're not quite done. The doors are framed and hung, but I need to mud, tape and paint tomorrow.

I'll update everyone again tomorrow at the beer hour to let you know how Day 2.


Pops said...

So far ..... Excellent

Do you hire out?

-k said...

Heh! Sure - why not! I imagine I could give you a pretty good deal too...I just don't do wallpaper...can't figure that crap out!

Sandy said...

It looks amazing! You might try some of those sticky dots behind the pictures -- or that gum sort of stuff that is for hanging posters. You might be able to get them straight and then stay that way. Well done you.