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I read an interesting article the other day about the state of affairs in the United States right now. Maybe "interesting" isn't the right word...more like depressing, dismal, desolate...gloomy. The word "recession" is burning our retinas and the proof is in every thing we have to buy or do - or rather in the things we can't buy or can't do.

Turns out that that McDonald's coffee sales are skyrocketing and Starbucks are declining. Folks are making some financial choices in their day to day lives - hence, buying a 99 cent every day coffee over the $5.15 half caf extra hot skim mocha latte.

Not too surprising that a lot of other industries are taking a big hit as well - Spas and Beauty Parlors, Movie Theaters, almost all retail, and grocery stores are noting a major spike in coupons.

However, unfortunately there is one thing we can't get away from.


And it's starting to give me the shits.

Like many parents, we spend our lives in our cars. Mine...the ultra cool mama minivan...has put on countless of miles between school, gymnastics, post office, bank, doctors visits, grocery store and of course, work. And just this morning I had to fill up or push the damn thing the rest of the way.

$57.24 to fill up the tank. And I know my California friends are getting sucker punched much harder than that.

What was your last gas bill and any interesting ways of keeping costs down on other things?

Anyone have a recipe for home made beer using cardboard and mulch? That would help me out A LOT.


Christine Bilek said...

$80 to fill up my fricking Tahoe...gah!

Mumma Boo said...

$33 to fill up the Vibe, but that was only 3/4 of a tank. Still trying to figure out how to transport two kids and a load of groceries on my bike...

Jill(not Bill) said...

Here in Maryland, it's ninety-effing-dollars to fill up the Sequoia! Thankfully(?), I'm chained to the house by the three ankle-biters and rarely travel further than the mailbox.

To save money on our water bill, I'm down to one shower a week. Alright, I was doing that anyway. But, it sounds like I'm making an effort, no?

P.S. We're working on the meme! Thanks for the tag! :o)

Heidi said...

I'm in Southern CA and we're paying $3.98 for the cheap stuff. :( I don't ever fill my minivan anymore- I fill it at half full and whatever $25 gets me,that's what goes in! I can't even stomach putting any more in at once than that. I drive 300 miles per week, and that's WITH combining trips!

Stephanie said...

I'm in North Florida and I pay about $80 to fill up on the cheeeeap stuff. Freaking rape me why don't they.