I have Tuesdays off of work. It wasn't exactly by choice that this happened - but as long as the real estate market is in the crapper - we had to make some cut backs at the office. Financially it hurts to lose a whole day of pay, but we all agreed to take one for the team. Now that it's been this way for a while I've come to realize that my Tuesdays are a God send. I have a full time career, I'm a full time mother and a full time wife. That a lot of things on a "to do" list.

The point?

I was able to schedule my first personal trainer session yesterday during the day.

I think I'll beg my boss to let me come back to work full time now.

We started at 10:00 am sharp with the obligatory questionnaire session. "Do you have diabetes, do you have bad knees, are you a cross dresser and dance naked in your backyard" All fairly easy questions and for the most part I was pretty honest. Took my weight, age, height, body fat and DNA sample and we were off to the gym. (DNA sample in case I spontaneously combust and they have to identify my body)

An HOUR and FORTY FIVE minutes later - I finally had to stop her. If this was truly what she wanted me to do every other day as a routine, I might as well divorce my husband right now. There was no way I could devote two hours to the gym every day. I realize that in HER world - FITNESS is the "thing" and I respect that - But honestly, I don't give a shit about your "thing". I just want to lose some weight, look better/feel better. Just because I joined a gym does not mean that I'm prepared to change every aspect of my life. I will not start filling my pantry with granola, rice cakes and low-cal cheese....that stuff just tastes bad.

Anyway, I'm typically the type of person that if I'm uncomfortable or anxious I'll make jokes. Which I did for the ENTIRE time I was with the reincarnated Ghangis Khan. And now a day later - I'm thinking she doesn't "get me". When she pulled the exercise ball out - I commented "Oh, I have one of those", she seemed happy about that until I explained to her that we use it to see how long you can sit on it without spilling your beer.

After all the sweating was done for the day I got the "talk". A good solid half hour where she lectures about what to eat and how to eat it. I nodded my head and agreed with everything she said - all the while knowing perfectly well that I was lying through my teeth and that she would have to pull the white bread out of my dead cold hand before I gave it up.

Oh - and did you know that breakfast is THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY. Yea, I didn't realize that either. Easy enough -McDonald's is right across the street from my office - I can just go through the drive through every morning.

And then her head blew up.


Heidi said...

Too funny!
We have our mandatory days off at my job too. Only as a trial until the end of April, but I have a feeling with this market we're going to have them for longer. I agree though- it is nice to have a day off when everyone else isn't! :)