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Safe to say that the background soundtrack of our house is channel 144 - The Food Network. It's clean, family friendly programming that allows us to devote the appropriate amount of attention to play-doh or coloring, but still glance up occasionally and get the gist of what is going on. Her favorites: Rachel Ray, Paula Dean, Alton Brown and the lady who pronounces mozzarella as MOOT- zarella.

The Food Network and cooking/baking in general overflows into other things we do as well. A favorite game of hers is to "cook" while she's in the bathtub. She's got a slew of little toys and buckets and cups that serve as her baking dishes and bowls. This game works well on many levels, it reinforces what I had her help me with in the kitchen and also works on her counting and numbers. I would like to share with you her recipe for cake. Please feel free to make it and let me know. I'm afraid I don't have the required ingredients in the house.

27 cups flour
12 cups sugar
4 cups vanilla
1 cup baking soda
8 cups broccoli
4 cups vegetables and rice
4 cups oranges and peaches
lemon zest

(I'm not kidding about the lemon zest either - - she actually picked a toy up and rubbed it against the bowl to make the zest)


In another fun bath time game - she and I decided to work on her animal identification. Most of the toys that I mentioned above are primarily of an animal nature. The other night though, the game took a slight turn and instead of simply just identifying the animals - it was what each animal likes to eat.

The following should be read quickly without taking any breath at all and without any punctuation.

Dinosaurs eat Ryan - Crocodiles eat Henry - Birds eat pasta - Horses eat vegetables and rice - Cows eat vegetables and rice - Pigs eat vegetables and rice - Doggies eat cake and cats too - this fish eats chocolate - this fish eats boats and this fish eats PAPER! - bugs eat pizza and I don't like spiders - mama are you happy? - daddy has no hair and squirrels eat fruit snacks - and Elmo eats balls.

And here I thought she liked Elmo.


-B said...

Big B and Little H are laughing with tears running down our faces. H kept saying, "Read it again!!!"

The first thing H said(after she could catch a breath) was, "Andie is one of US!!" I'm not 100% sure what that means, but, dude- that was too funny.

The second time I read it, H yelled, "Elmo! Nooooo!" Then she said, "Andie Rocks!"

mumma boo said...

Oh, she's too funny! She just may be on to something. My daughter loves to cook, but I think I'll keep that recipe out of the cookbook. I fear losing windows, doors, and perhaps my son in what would be the most ginormous cake ever. Although she gets points for the fruits & vegetables!!

Backpacking Dad said...

Love Food Network. And now that I can watch it in HD it's on. All. The. Time.

Giada in HD....wha? whozat? Sorry, I drifted off there for a second. Don't tell my wife.

Meg (Mad Woman) said...

Haha too funny. Very cute. I may have to try that yummy sounding cake recipe some time. We love the Food Network in this house too.

Tacitus said...

I always wondered that about Elmo.

Erin said...

Your little one sounds precious...and Elmo...TMI man TMI