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I will freely admit that there are certain days we allow the off spring to veg in front of the tv. There are just those times when she is so out of control - almost begging us to put her on baby Ridalin - that as a last ditch effort we'll throw her in front of the tv. She has her favorite shows, and for the most part I don't have a problem with them at all. They all seem to try to teach a life lesson of some sort - learn to share, be nice to others, don't bite, etc.

Much different than the life lessons I could have learned....like dropping an Acme 50 ton weight on someones head will get me what I want.

Anyway, I can safely say that after 3 1/2 years, my husband and I have probably watched 4,000 episodes of The Little Einsteins. After that many episodes, it's starting to make me wonder.... Who are these people that animate this show? And what exactly is the proverbial corporate ladder within animation studios? Is the bottom rung getting coffee and being someones bitch....Or animating Saturday morning cartoons?

The Little Einsteins - for those that don't know - is a music based cartoon. Each adventure is based on, say, chasing musical notes down to finish a concerto....or singing the correct notes to get the magical door to open. Personally, I think it's great - Music is very important - and at this point my daughter can say things like "Fortissimo, Adagio - Pirouette and Port de bras".

With the exception of their abnormally huge heads, only four fingers on each hand, eyebrows that seem to float independently from their heads and eyeballs the size of dinner plates....I really don't have a problem with the show.

I just get confused sometimes. Why do they have to go over the mountain....Why can't they go around it? In yesterdays episode they were, once again, chasing some musical instruments down and came upon three mountains. They had to problem solve and figure out a way over the mountain..(which is interesting because they fly around in a ROCKET).....Seriously, why can't they just go around it? Why make it more difficult than it needs to be.

Yes, I realize that I have over analyzed a children's cartoon once again....but it just seems to me that unless you are a Von Trapp child, there's really no reason to run up the mountain when the magical clarinet is right there on the ground. Sometimes it's okay to take the easy road.


Mumma Boo said...

"Sometimes it's okay to take the easy road."
I wish someone would tell that to Dora when she has to cross a rainforest, a desert, and Antarctica to return a book to the library. Yeesh!