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I was sitting at a major four way stop the other day. This intersection is probably eight lanes across on all four sides...minutes from our major highway and right across the street from a major shopping mall. Anyway, I'm in my hot mama mini van waiting the 20 minutes for the light to change to green and notice a begger out of the corner of my eye. Not necessarily common place in this area - but also not all that surprising. We'll often get the fire department / police department or some other organization standing at busy intersections with buckets asking for donations for the latest cause.

However, this guy....not with an organization. Just a dude. With a card board sign and a backpack.

Where my car was situated, I could only get the back view of this guy - so I'm not exactly sure what his sign said....But CLEARLY it said "Fuck You Guy With Hair Piece In the Green Accord".

Hair piece guy gets out of his car and just went ape shit on this guy. Now, I'm a firm believer in everyone earning their own way - and if you're homeless - get some help - learn a skill - try to get a job. Start at the bottom. Work your way up. Easy for me to say, sure...But hair piece guy went berserk. Arms are flailing and wagging his finger in his face.

Personally, I just ignore the people asking for money (unless it's the cops..."remember I gave you money") This guy takes another tactic all together.

Obviously I couldn't hear what he was saying, so for all I know he could have been offering him a job and was REALLY excited about the opportunity to work with this guy. But I'm going to guess from the tuck and cover position that homeless guy was taking - he would not be throwing on a suit and tie for an interview any time soon.

A few minutes later, the traffic light has changed and his side of traffic has the green light. However, this guy feels so impassioned by what he's saying he never gets back into his car (despite the honking horns) and the light turns back to red - now all he's done is piss off half of the population of Tyson's Corner that want to take a left onto Route 7.

That's a good days work if you ask me. Verbally abuse a homeless person and receive 47 death threats.


Christine Bilek said...

can't remember how I got to your blog but I have been reading for a while.

I live in Leesburg and am in the Real Estate business as well...fun times, right?

I can only imagine the amount of people that jerk pissed off, stopping up traffic getting onto 7 and for freaking out on the homeless guy. Kind of random seeing a homeless person there, I agree.

Mumma Boo said...

Whatever happened to roll up the window and stare straight ahead? Sounds like Hair Piece Guy also had a major hair across something else. Obviously he doesn't subcribe to karmic theory.

-B said...

First of all, I can't even imagine! I mean, there are plenty of times that there was something I'd like to yell at a bum out a window, but really, who does that??? That must have been crazy looking. I laffed.

Secondly, completely off topic- did you read Danny's blog this morning??? Butt hole bleaching??? Seriously? People DO this?!!?

Anonymous said...

And you people wonder why I moved away from the DC Madness ....

Hair Piece guy was just suffering from a little DC Stress and found someone to share his stress with ... and managed to share it with 20 or 30 other drivers that moved their stress levels up.

My comute now is 7.5 miles and there is an adult beverage store about half way home ..... no stress


C-Rah said...

For the love of Pete! Some people have no class sometimes. Sure, that guy has a right to disagree with someone begging for money instead of looking for a job. But in this tough economy, when jobs are drying up and people are getting desparate - having a little sympathy wouldn't hurt either.

MadWoman Meg said...

Wow. Hair Piece guy won't be driving for much longer, someone will blow up his car for that little stunt. Like it's not annoying enough to have to sit and wait for 20 minutes at a light. At least he was considerate and provided entertainment.

We have a lot of those corner entrepreneurs here. They clearly don't know how lucky there are to not live near Hair Piece Guy.