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I consider myself a fairly 'crafty' person. Not 'crafty' in a way of being cagey or calculating (although my husband might argue that) - but 'crafty' in an artsy fartsy kind of way. I think I have a fair eye when it comes to decorating - and my sister not too long ago got me obsessed with scrap booking. However, I don't think I was built with the extra chromosome to be exceptionally 'crafty'. My mother and sister definitely have it. Out of the thread of DNA that carries the genes, humans have 22 pairs, I think that they were born with 23 pairs. (makes them non-human?) Regardless - they are the type of people that can take some bark, a glue stick, and a paper clip and make a coffee table. My craftiness is a process, takes time - sweat and tears - and often does not turn out the way I want it.

Two things are needed for me to be crafty. I need inspiration and I need to 'feel' creative. My inspiration is pretty much always there....It's a blond, blue eyed, three year old running around the house. The "feeling creative" is where I'm running into problems.

In our old house, I had a 'craft room'. I designed it, painted it, built the desk and placed each of my craft items in a specific order. I FELT creative in that space. It was light and bright - and, in my opinion, very pretty and girly. It just "felt" good to be in there and create.

In the new house, I do have an office. But it's an office. It will, at some point in time, be used as both my office and a guest room. I do have a desk (I built the desk INTO the wall at the last house, so couldn't bring it with me) and a chair. I have my supplies and computer, printer and tools at the ready....But don't FEEL it. I feel cramped behind the desk, the chair doesn't feel right, the room is dark....and so not screaming "Scrap Me".

The last couple of days has found me going through all my scrapbook magazines, seeing if maybe this will motivate me to get going again. But alas, no. It usually just makes me hate the women that were able to find their 23rd gene pair and create the things on the pages.
I have some ideas of what to do, I'm sure MUCH to the chagrin of my husband, although he doesn't know yet. (Honey, are you reading this??) I just need to formulate it in my head. But it's starting to take shape - and I hope to soon put it into action. I do believe I see a trip to Home Depot in the future. (He's totally hating me right now by the way)

However - he DID get a new Miter Saw....So, what's the point of having it if we don't use it.

I do believe my creative juices are starting to flow a bit......