2 things happened this weekend that are note worthy.
1. I went to a movie all by myself for the very first time in my life. And
2. Above mentioned movie was, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
I will be the first to admit that I did not jump on the Harry Potter band wagon when it first pulled into the station. And I will further admit that I actually spent a few years making fun of my husband for reading “children's books”.
Well my ‘comeupence’ would soon be on it’s way. After seeing the first movie I had to know what happened next, so therefore had to pick up book 2. From that point I was more an avid fan then he. (and by “avid” I mean—obnoxious and impatient)
The movie was great I thought. Yes, a bit grim (heh—get it ‘grim’ - shout out to Book 3) There are a lot of people out there that love to spill their noxious opinions on “this wasn't in the movie and this wasn't in the movie”. How on earth does one condense a 863 page book, into a two hour movie. One must cut what isn't deemed a “major plot” point. The movie had to show those that don’t read the books (although that behavior is very odd to me personally) a thrilling, action packed two hour movie. Not to mention J.K. Rowling herself sits on set and has a say in the ‘goings on’.
One person actually suggested to me that Harry Potter—Order of the Phoenix should have been released in two—two hour movies so then we could have ALL that was in the books.
Personally, I don’t need to see THAT much of Dolores Umbridge. There was just enough of her in that movie for me to hate her—JUST AS MUCH as I hated her in the book.
So, that’s it. Go see m’boy Harry.
Seriously—it’s a movie. Get over it.
Oh, and the other thing—going to a movie by yourself is actually a fairly liberating thing. However, I did find one issue without having companionship.
There was no one to watch my purse when I had to run to the bathroom in the middle.
I’ll have to think about that one for next time.