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If you have been keeping up with news of late, than most of you have heard that Leona Helmsley, "Queen of Mean", died recently. Real Estate and Hotels had made her and her late husband - millionaires many times over. Convicted of tax evasion is 1989, where she commented "Only the little people pay taxes".... She spent 19 months in prison and another 2 months on house arrest. I'm sure this only made her a nicer person.

Known for her unbelievable and tyrannical behavior, personally, I imagine that not too many people were grief stricken at her passing.

However, she once again is getting the last laugh.

In her will, which was made public yesterday, she is leaving 12 million dollars.....to her dog.

Yep - Her dog.

And two of her four grandchildren get nothing. The reason she gives is "they know the reasons".

Her brother got millions, but also is tasked with caring for the white maltese Millionaire Dog, Trouble. That might not be an easy task , given the dog apparently has the demeanor much like his master - and was known to bite the housekeeper. At the time of Troubles death, he is to be buried along side Helmsley in her mausoleum. 3 million dollars has also been left for the upkeep of the Helmsley Mausoleum, which shall be "washed or steam cleaned at least once a year".

Her other two grandchildren that will receive 5 million each, are only to get that money if they visit their late fathers grave at least once a year. If they do not do this, they will not get a dime.

Other than the $100,000 that she left to her driver, all cash from the sale of her belongings and residences (which is valued at billions) will be put into the
Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust.

So out of BILLIONS of dollars - her brother got his share, and a mean dog. Two grandchildren got a nice $5 mil each, as long as they visit their dead father, the driver got 100 large, and two grandkids got a kick in the ass.

The dog got $12 million.

Damn - Seriously. This lady was a bitch.


Hayley May said...

I don't get it... What is a DOG going to do with 12 million dollars??