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We’ve all had to deal with it from time to time. You need to talk to your credit card company about something—and you have to go through 27 prompts before you can get a real person. You need to cancel a flight—and you have to scream in the phone for 5 minutes “NO” to every question they ask…”I’m sorry your response was not clear, could you please repeat?”

The worse for me—as sad as it is—is the automatic drink dispensers at Fast Food restaurants.

I am a Diet Coke fiend. A day hasn't truly started until I have some sort of Double Gulp—filled to the rim with ice—and then that sweet aspartame filled liquid poured on top. And there my friends, is the problem.

The ice.

I have to have lots of it—the more the better. Yes—It gives me less soda—I realize this. A constant battle between my husbands logic and mine...but that’s the way it is.

So, as I venture through the McDonalds drive through—(because I’m either lazy and don’t want to get out of the car—or the spawn has way laid our tight schedule of the morning by tears of some kind) - I slowly pull aside the large talking metal box and speak clearly and loudly….

“Large Diet Coke With EXTRA ICE, and that’s it.”

“A sausage biscuit and coffee?”

“NO, “Large Diet Coke With EXTRA ICE, and that’s it.”

Long pause…..”1.23, first window”

Pay my money, grab my cup and shake it a bit….Extra Ice?

Alas, no. I have what sounds like 2 1/2 cubes.

There’s a button people. I’ve seen it. It’s says EXTRA ICE. Just push the damn button. In all honesty, the amount of ice I require in my drinks would probably save McDonalds about $1,000 worth of soda of year.

The Big Gulp Obsession is real folks. I’ll talk some other time about the how any car I shop for must be equipped with normal things (tires, windows, steering wheel) But I will also bring a Big Gulp with me to make sure it will fit in the cup holder. I will admit I have passed on cars that have failed this test.