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As I've said in earlier posts - My other half and I have a new home. We also have a wireless network. Cool, huh? Not for me. My office ended up being the furthest from the router and so therefore my "signal strength" is often 1....out of 56. That would explain why most of my posts happen during the day....I'm using company time to enlighten all of you.

So, I was bitching about said problem when he suggested that I get a laptop. It seems that he's noticing that this blog thing isn't just a phase for me - he also knows that I am the type of person that needs information immediately. During the middle of dinner he'll get a "Who was that guy - who played that guy - in that movie?" And the knowledge has to be obtained...right then! I know I have called my brother in law many times late at night asking obscure questions. The great thing is he's not phased by it at all...He'll say "Oh, um - John Kellog" and then we'll hang up.

What was I talking about? Oh, right - the new laptop.

So, I consider myself a pretty computer savvy person. I am able to do all the things I want to do - and don't usually have huge issues unless it is of a mechanical nature. My husband, however is a network lan/wan software computer geek. You will often hear me say in this house... "um...honey - you're geeking on me again".

Usually in our house - big gifts are trade off. You get a vacuum, I get an Ipod, sort of thing. So, in this case he is thinking about getting a new monitor and he's going to strip my desktop for parts.
So, now that I'm going to lose the desktop all together, he asked what I want the laptop to be able to do.

"Everything that the computer does upstairs...but better"
He specs one out and shows me the con figs....This means nothing to me.

I say again "just make it better then the one upstairs" and then to his absolute mortification I added "oh, and make it pink to match my cell phone!" (which I have actually retracted now - I just couldn't see myself sitting in the airport with my hot pink phone - hot pink lap top - wearing holey jeans, cowboy boots and a t-shirt that says "bite me".)

So, my requirements for my new laptop are: Make it "super cool" and make it a cool color.

Who's the geek now?


Jeff said...

I have a problem with the quote attributed to me-- I have never said "JOHN SPENCER" -- ok?

Sylvester 4 is: said...

Who is John Spencer?