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For the most part, I’m intending on keeping these posts light hearted….however, I felt as though my brain would explode today from the amount of heinous acts that were splattered across the news today. This is not to offend—or to upset...proceed reading with caution
Story #1—A couple being charged with ‘neglect’ because they were so consumed with their D&D online games that they didn't feed, clean or even pay attention to their 2 children. One so matted with cat urine in her hair that her head had to be shaved by Social Services. The other stuck in a crib for so long—that his legs grew funny and he’s having a difficult time walking. Neglect???
Story #2—A man, who was asked to leave his friend/girlfriends house, apparently didn't agree with her, so strangled the mother to unconsciousness, shoved her and her five year old daughter in the car. The mother comes too—grabs her daughter and jumps from the moving car, only to have him find them– strangle her again—and this time dump the mother in the trunk. Drove for a while—throws the ALIVE 5 year old girl to ALLIGATORS and then dumps the mom in a field. He was found guilty today—and may face the death penalty.
Story #3– A mom pulled over on a DUI charge. After she’s pulled from the car and arrested a police officer notices two small children in the back seat. He also notices more then 100 COCKROACHES, open food containers, alcohol, and these small children covered in their own feces. Her children are now with their Grandfather.
Fortunately, the children in Story 1 and 3 lived...and I pray to God will find better homes, better people and the safety and caring home that ALL children rightly deserve. In the case of Story 2—I pray for the mother that was left behind to grieve her daughter every day.
With how fast information and news is passed in this day and age—the sad truth is that these three stories are mild compared to some things. Our justice system must be faster and most of all stronger on crimes towards children.
I, for one, will be the first to stand in line if they need a volunteer at the switch.