My daughter has two favorites shows: Blues Clues and The Little Einstein's. I don’t mind either of these shows. Blues Clues, by a repetitive nature tries to teach counting, colors, and fair play. Einstein’s is mainly four animated children, who have adventures flying their rocket. It focuses primarily on learning through music and the arts. There is a composer of the day and artwork of the day—and usually the ‘twist’ of their mission is something musical. (They have to sing forte to open a magical door….They have to match an instrument with the song of the day, etc).
I have a comment on today’s episode of Einstein's….
Today’s mission was a race around the world, against other musical airplanes and space ships. They, of course, had quests along the way before the race could begin. Once there—it was a pretty easy win. However, the geography of the race around “the world”...was what seemed a bit odd to me.
Now, Geography….never been my strong suit (as I’m sure most of you can also tell I don’t have a strong grasp on the English language either). However, I think I knew enough that this just seemed pretty odd to me.

The race started in what, basically to me, looked like Andrews Air Force Base—then we zoom past the Eiffel Tower– then the Pyramids in Egypt—The Coliseum in Rome—The Grand Canyon and then finally back to our starting point. So, given the already stated fact that this is a “race around the world”, one would assume when they hit Rome, they didn't back track over the ocean towards Arizona, right? We would assume that they (given the odd detour straight down into Africa to see the Pyramids and then back up into Rome) kept I said...around the world.
Because, naturally –the next logical step after the Coliseum in Rome….is The Grand Canyon.

And yes, I realize it’s a cartoon for children…..Don’t give me a hard time. If I thought about this crap too much before I wrote it down—Nothing would ever show up because it all sounds stupid.


Jeff said...

the map... classic